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For health reasons: 5 good reasons to take a nap on a regular basis

Actually we do not need extra invitation for a short nap. But we feel a lot better when we know that the nap is really good for us!

Now take a nap … Does familiar come to you after lunch? Many would prefer to lie down and close your eyes for a few minutes? Does that as often as possible! Napping is in fact really good for your health. Here are five reasons that you can list your boss:nap

1. Stress reduction

Even through a few minutes of sleep stress reduces. You’re more relaxed after the nap and you feel great. Perfect, because too much stress can promote cardiovascular disease, increase blood pressure and it increases the risk even for the burnout syndrome. The want to be quite sure that no one – and when a little bit of sleep, in contrast, helps, why not?

2. Improved job performance

After the nap you are raring to go. You are experiencing a lot of new energy, you can properly focus. This will give of great benefit.

3. Creative power

The nap ensures that your new ideas overwhelm you. Studies based on brain scans have shown that you are more creative after the nap and the right hemisphere is working much better.

4. Improved memory

If you have a whole lot of time and an hour at a sleep can bring the positive effect on your memory. In sleep, everything will be new Learned firmly anchored in the brain.

5. Muscle Relaxation

Relax body and mind: also you succeed with a nap. The rest takes care of the relaxation of your tired muscles.

Tips for effective nap

  • Between 13 and 14 clock the biorhythm is set to sleep at most. Uses this period for napping.
  • Place an alarm clock, ideal on 20 minutes. Who sleeps longer than 30 minutes, feels afterwards fast as whacked.
  • A short nap you can make on the office chair. Take care that your head is well supported, else you will awake with uncomfortable neck pain.
  • If it warm outside, you can lie on a blanket in the park.
  • If you have trouble with sleep you can, for example, listening to classical music to relax.

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