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Food at school: Healthy for your child

While some children, still have the holidays, another again soon goes to school. Some are really excited and looking forward to their first day at school. Who want to be fit and would like to get good grades in the school need to eat right. We give you tips on how optimal to look after for morning of your school at school

The common breakfast

So that children have enough energy for learning, they must eat properly breakfast before going to school. Because after the sleep break, the energy and nutrient storage is largely empty. Try to get up in time to allow enough time for the common breakfast stays. Thus the beginning of the day all family members will be calm and fit. If the time sometimes scarce, children should drink at least a glass of milk or fruit juice and take a healthy breakfast to school.

Refuelling: snacks for new energy

The energy reserves of children are depleted faster than those of adults. A second breakfast is especially important to keep the performance at a high level for children. Food at school should be healthy and balanced.  The length of the school day also plays a role: In three or four lessons, the Snack need not be so lush. If school sports or a full day trip is on the agenda, the energy demand is correspondingly higher. For full Snack include grain products, preferably from whole grain, because it last saturate longer and does not let the blood sugar level fall quickly. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide important vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals substances. Milk and other dairy products provide calcium and important protein. As sandwich for example is a wholemeal bread, thinly spread with butter or margarine and covered with lean cold cuts or cheese. This bite-sized pieces-cut vegetables or fruit. Also, yogurt or cereal with fresh fruit are excellent alternatives.

Without dry times: don’t forget to Drink

Drinking must not be neglected. If the body is not properly hydrated, the power curve decreases. As a result, fatigue, attention deficits and decreased memory. The ideal thirst quencher for children is water. For a change, even fruit juices are suitable, in the ratio 1: 3 diluted with mineral water. Whether a banana and cherry juice or a mango and apple shake – juices can be combined in many ways. Children also like to mix and drink their own creations all the more dear.

Creative snacks instead of boring sandwiches

In the preparation of child-friendly snacks inventiveness is required. For example, in California provide more than 300 different types of bread for a change in the lunch box. Also the wide range of fresh produce can be exploited to prepare tasty, appealing and easy edible snacks. With a little imagination and these tips healthy meals for kids in no time are prepared:

  • An appetizer are colorful skewers, for example, grapes, pear pieces and cheese or cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. But be careful: you should cover the tops of wooden skewers in order not to hurt the children.
  • Chopped nuts, dried fruits or vegetables packed lunches give an extra push. Classic trail mix with raisins and nuts can also easily mix yourself. In addition, cress, herbs care, some ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise for flavor variety.
  • Сhildren prefer fruits and vegetables to cut into long bite-size appetizers. Also, the fanciful embellishments come good. For example, two thin slices of radish, attach the sides to the carrot: and imaginary creatures are already sitting in the lunchbox.
  • Put occasionally small pieces of paper with messages into the lunchbox, for example: “It’s your favorite cheese on it – Enjoy your meal!” Or “Good luck with your dictation – Mum & Dad”. Ask evening, as has tasted the bread and if your child has needs for the next day, because of variety tastes!

What is in the school bag?

With a bit of imagination you can fill the school bag with healthy things that are fun for children. To compensate for some sweets suitable flameproof fruit, but also a great lunchbox and water bottle, so that your child enjoys it, to take food and drink to school. Little games like a jump rope, a rubber ball or a small ball promote urge to move. A bocce game, beach ball bat or a dragon motivate to play outdoors.

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