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Fitness training – 5 sports for more endurance strength training

Muscle building training has undoubtedly many positive effects on our body, it acts by short and intensive units, for example, but not sufficiently beneficial to the cardiovascular system and thus on our condition.


Learn in this article why it is also important condition in addition to strength training to build and what sports are most suitable to!


Why should operate balancing sports bodybuilding and what are its advantages?

The heart is the engine of every life. Unfortunately, bodybuilding has no optimal effect calculated on the heart muscle, and our condition. In order to develop a healthy, resilient and strong body in every way, an adequate cardiovascular training is necessary.

Adequate means: Without overloading, and with a reasonable training plan. No one should start a fitness training with a 10-kilometer endurance, but that’s what happens over and over again. It would just know bodybuilders that a barbell with too much emphasis can not be lift without advance gone training.

Endurance sports are to improve our condition as jogging or cycling. These sports training primarily our cardiovascular system and ensure a constant motivation of our body over an extended period. So being fit means being able to withstand constant physical stress for a long time.

The condition to improve for bodybuilding is also a lot of advantages: The supply situation in the body as a whole is better through fitness training. Increased blood flow and oxygen saturation in the blood as a result of endurance exercise to ensure that the training effects of bodybuilding faster and lead to significant measurable results.

In other words: A trained cardiovascular system that can provide the body with nutrients effectively, build muscle faster than an “untrained” organism with poor condition.

5 endurance sports as a balance to weight training

There are many sports to improve your physical condition and are suitable depending on the temperament and physical conditions for bodybuilders. The presented below are sports endurance sports that a useful addition to strength training, and can be a lot of fun from personal experience. For sport that is practiced without joy and fun of it, ultimately benefits in the long run anyway nothing!

1. Cycling

If the gym is far enough away from home or one is willing to take a detour, it makes sense that physical training on the way to strength training exercise. Once there, you may save by the time for warming up and can get started immediately with the strength training.

But cycling has many other advantages, it relieves the joints and trained very well our heart and circulatory system. Depending on the choice of wheel and track there are many different ways to meter the endurance training while cycling. An ordinary city bike or touring is already providing good service as a training device; it should stop at least two to three times a week come for more than half an hour (at a stretch!) to use.

Means cycle can go shopping or to work without a special time to improve the condition by the way.

If you want to go up a level, you can road or mountain increase the stress during physical training on a bicycle.

2. Badminton

Badminton is a great sport that can be great fun! It requires a high level of physical fitness, responsiveness, coordination, concentration – and term.

Badminton is independent of the weather because it is an indoor sports. One can therefore usually only exercise this sport in a club, because the hall has times, but also gyms now offer often badminton courts at.

Most beginners make a badminton course. Good indoor shoes with a bright soles are a prerequisite. In this course you can learn technique and rules -. And find out for yourself if this sport is the right thing with the opponent.

3. Jogging

Running man

The good old jogging recommended as fitness training for bodybuilding for several reasons:
You can run without much effort, virtually anywhere, even in the city. However, the air quality should be reasonably well, so that really matters oxygen in the lungs and not only fine dust or fumes from any industrial chimneys. The terrain so should already be selected carefully. Running in the woods is this naturally is best.

This is also true for the soil: not everyone can run well on asphalt. The shoes is the piece of equipment that should be purchased with expert advice while jogging. Good shoes are not included in discount stores and do not come cheap. Who does not want to hurt his joints, should visit a shop and detailed advice. The best is a shop that can perform a gait analysis.

Race Groups are a great way to start under the supervision and guidance training for beginners. Clothing need not be specially purchased for jogging. However, functional clothing recommended especially during the cold season, so do not catch cold runner unintentionally. We recommend fibers and cuts, absorb sweat quickly transported away from the skin and dry quickly.

Jogging relaxed way people by nature, if you walk long enough, endorphins are released in the body and in turn make you happy!

4. Swimming

Swimming has the nice effect that all the joints of the body are well balanced, and the back and therefore this condition training is also particularly good for beginners or overweight people. Moreover, swimming absorbs nearly all body muscles; it is here to fitness training that a broadband effect, so to speak. Not for nothing have professional swimmer a broad back and a strong chest muscles.

Nice side effect: The results of your strength training can turn up while swimming well!

5. Football

Football is to compare the physical strain forth with the sprinting. It is unconsciously walked a short distance for a long time and always loaded and short stops. As a result, is that on the one hand improves the condition and trained on the other leg muscles.

But be careful! football can NOT a decent leg workout at the gym replace, as accustomed to the leg muscles to the load in soccer with time and progression, so the increased training stimulus is missing!


A complementary fitness training for bodybuilding is necessary if you want to be completely healthy and exercising. Much muscle mass must be perfused accordingly, thus increasing the burden on the heart. If you want to by hypertension avoid, do good to them, in the week to fit a 30 to 45-minute fitness training in his training schedule with 2-3 times.

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