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Fitness Lifestyle – the reason why we do bodybuilding!

Bodybuilding – Fitness, for many there are only two words, for some others it is more than that It is a lifestyle, a body sensation that you live and not just in the few hours at the gym – no 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.Fitness Lifestyle

Bodybuilding is all that do not know what “untrained” people.

If one morning as the first jump on the scales and shows the weight that one is a few grams become heavier again, you would be like a little child, and your girlfriend does not understand it. If the second way to the mirror and you your biceps pose but always the same image every day shows.

Fitness combines strength, discipline and calls 100% passion. You’re not a couch potato, you exchanged chips and burgers to turkey and rice, beer against Diet Coke and you it’s failed no matter if you ask at the supermarket checkout, if there is cake today and you  want to pay only to your 2 kg low fat curd cheese.

A goal is what you are persecuting. Ambition and hard work will get you every day a step further. Well, this step may be only a few millimeters long, but you come forward, you feel it, your chest hurts, but it is pain that you love. Pain that give you the feeling that you are what you do, do right!

Your body is changing, deforms, you develop yourself!

You are creating new and you can do it from what you paid nature. You’ll love your body, every single muscle fiber would like to be trained. You’ll pages you discover you did not know before. You will suffer and learn not to give up so quickly. Even if you no longer can the pump will be a new motivation in your arms you new motivation to continue and then give up when it allows your training plan.

Energy is life, with each block with each repetition you use energy as a gift and you get more energy and new strength back. A lifestyle that’ll only you know, because you all give it. Your environment will give you positive feedback and you are no longer the narrow hans. You will see now! The eyes are on you traps with respect, pride but also envy. Envy because you have achieved something that others will never reach. Because nothing wobbles to you, you do not every day you vollstopfst with poor diet, you feel fit and you no more stupid from the side turns because he believes to be stronger than you.


“Fitness is not a miracle program that promises you muscles in 30 days, fitness is a lifestyle to you live every day and only then you will do all that and more!”

Believe me you have once built muscles, you want they never lose again. Do you have the body you want to go you achieved, you’ll be happier, happier, more confident, and with more energy through life. The day you start your way to go to achieve your goal this day is your personal holiday.

You will remember back …

and you think that you never want to go back there. Not only you will have joy in your body – no, the girls are in the pool queuing and argue about who should lotion you. And all that is in your hand when you begin to love Bodybuilding?

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