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Fit for the slopes: tips for the home

“On the slopes ready go!” While this promises driving enjoyment, but also carries an increased risk of injury. Because skiers know: Alpine skiing is a sport in which at the same time are needed endurance, technique, flexibility and coordination. Anyone who underestimates the and overwhelmed his body, lead to more severe consequences. Sprains, torn ligaments and broken bones are not uncommon in the ski season. It may prevents the specific training. Who is fit, has even more fun skiing.slopes

The top priority: fitness all year round

Who does not want to end up as crash pilot, should ideally be followed his fitness program throughout the year. Because ligaments, tendons and muscles will not happen overnight powerful and strong. To train coordination, flexibility and responsiveness there are best sports such as volleyball, basketball or tennis. Also is recommended rollerblading. With this ideal simulation sport movement as skating step or down to be trained in a squatting position. Begin at least eight weeks in advance. Those who missed the year for sports, should begin before the start of the season with special ski gymnastics. The body needs time to get used to the athletic program and to achieve the desired training effect. Therefore plan a time lead of at least eight weeks. And work out possible two to three times per week.

Special Ski gymnastics

The sports program should be tailored to the needs of skiing. The aim is to improve both stamina and overall fitness, as well as prepare certain muscle groups on the ski loads. The focus is on specific exercises that involve known movements and postures are imitated – such as downhill position, snowplow, Wedel jumping, cross-country skiing step, jump, fall. In addition, the ski gymnastics includes a strengthening and stretching program that promotes overall mobility.

Exercise Tips for the home

If you do not have time for a course that you can get with these exercises at home fit. Time to warm up and then off you go!
Anyone who wants to reduce the risk of falls, shouldered best sense of balance and coordination skills with balance exercises. Simply hopping on one leg the longest distance across the apartment. On the other leg you go back. Or simply hop as long as they can hold on the spot without.
The following exercise will prepare you for dangerous situations. Going to the downhill position and shift the weight on the heels times, sometimes on tiptoe and sides of the feet.

For safe riding power is essential strength in legs and back. But from the simulated downhill position (arms extended to the rear) bring with arms swing and jump with both legs upward – The hip stretch (five times repeated). Or go into the semi-deep squat, stretch your arms forward and lower back (three times 20 reps).

Remember: targeted Ski gymnastics increases the performance and therefore also the joy of skiing. At the same time the risk of injury is considerably reduced.

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