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Fit for the bikini season

When climbing stairs quickly run out of steam and the bacon rolls under T-shirt clearly emerge, it is high time for more fitness. Begin by simply in everyday life. We show you how to link the housecleaning loose with athletic exercises. If you want to do more, we will help in choosing an appropriate sport and reveal how you can motivate them to sports. To be fit for the summer and in the form. And by the way also benefits your health more movement.bikini season

Healthy and in a good mood

If you move more, you will soon realize that not only the pounds slowly melting. The increased blood flow during exercise the entire body is more powerful: bones, ligaments and tendons consolidate, metabolic processes are optimized and the immune system strengthened. Sufficient exercise is one in combination with a balanced diet to the best protective factors for our health. The positive effect of sports on the cardiovascular system is proven in numerous studies. Moderate endurance exercises help prevent for example, heart attack, stroke and hypertension. In addition, sports provide a good mood: our body is grateful for movement secretes the hormones of happiness, so called endorphins.

All beginnings are difficult

Get off the couch and go into the gym – the good intent is taken. And now? Plug not overly ambitious goals that you can not keep and give up quickly. Start with small steps in everyday life. The proven method, instead of the elevator take the stairs or during the lunch break to take a stroll around the block, facilitates entry into a more sporty life. If you have then used to the daily increase of exercise, the next steps will easier.

More movement in everyday life

Not everyone feels comfortable in a sports club or has time for regular fitness hours. Then why not take your daily fitness program. A sporty housecleaning not only ensures a spotless apartment, but also a good feeling. Here are some exercise ideas.

Before you start, warm up makes sense. When rubbish carried down you can install the prima: Simple peppy take arms in the subsequent climb stairs, and you come up to speed metabolism and circulation.

Put the sweeping or vacuuming in between with a big lunge one before the other leg and bend at your back straight back knee a few times down. So thighs and calves are required.

Mops and brooms are ideal if you want to have a great waist. By grasping the handle with both hands across his head and turn the body with gentle movements alternately on both sides about the longitudinal axis.

Use care when ironing every now and then gently to his knees. These are the legs hip-width apart and turn your feet slightly outwards. You tense your stomach and buttocks still belong problem areas soon to the past.

For a slim center can provide continuity when flushing by tightening the abdominal muscles. Bend your upper body also times to one and back to the other side.

Proficient window cleaning strengthens the arm muscles. Even the neckline gets forming support when the flap on the chest moves powerfully when disk wiping outward and upward.

To find the right sport

Do you want to train smarter now, then often be spoiled for choice of an appropriate sport. It is particularly important that you choose a sport that you like, because what makes only fun, it holds through a longer time.

Who has never practiced sports in a long time, are for the moderate aerobic exercise such as swimming or cycling ideal as your own body weight supported thereby and the joints are relieved. Also Nordic walking, yoga, water aerobics or cross-country skiing are good entry points for couch potatoes.

Who wants to get a bit more out of breath, which can start with jogging or sign up at the gym. When searching for a good gym our checklist helps.

Tip: With well-fitting and breathable clothing makes movement even more fun. High quality sports shoes easy on the joints and prevent injuries. Women also a perfectly matching sports bra makes sense. It has breathable fabric and gives the neckline the necessary support.

Motivation: Stay on the ball!

Your weaker self defeating best by looking like-minded people who work with you. Trombones your athletic goals from their friends: the increasing pressure to comply with them. Who in the evening has little time can use the lunch break in order to be physically active. Three times a week 30 minutes Sport rich at the beginning of completely. Ideal is a combination of aerobic exercise, exercises for toning and stretching.

Treat yourself after exercise or get through a small reward, such. As a break in the sauna or a new piece of clothing. At the latest after a few weeks of continuous exercise, you will already feel successful. You no longer get so easily out of breath and can cope with everyday life easier. You feel lighter, stronger and healthier.

Tip: Be sure that drink enough after exercise. Water or juice spritzers are ideal to compensate for the lost liquid. For orientation: Runner (70 kg) for half an hour lost in sweat more than 0.7 liters of liquid.

So the pounds melt away

Here you will find a brief overview of the major sports:

Calorie consumption by 30 minutes Sports:

Sport / activity: calorie consumption*
Aerobics: 260 kcal
Badminton: 228 kcal
Ironing: 75 kcal
Cycling slowly: 195 kcal
Gardening: 130 kcal
Gymnastics slightly: 81 kcal
Rollerblading: 390 kcal
Jogging: 228 kcal
Walking slowly: 98 kcal
Vacuuming: 81 kcal

* Recordable for a person with a body weight of 65 kg

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