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Equipment or weight training – which build muscle faster?

Can biceps curls home with expensive dumbbells be equally effective, than expensive biceps machine like this here?


In this article we focus on the question whether the exercise in free weights effectively is or not, but the many modern and very expensive devices have a better effect on the muscle have? What more effectively equipment or weight training?

The views are very different when it comes to the question? Weight training or equipment training

Some pro and con arguments with coaches and many strength athletes are:

  • Only the weight training can all affected muscle groups and stimulate evenly in appropriate proportion to each other.
  • Machine to act specifically on individual muscles, which stimulated overall proportions take damage.
  • The speed at which muscle growth in machinery could be achieved is limited.
  • The training with free weights has a greater risk of injury.
  • There is the risk of not keeping the balance for both sides of the body when weight training. Uneven weight training and muscle growth is the result.
  • Weight training exercises far more muscle groups than the training with machines.
  • The proper exercise performance is best learned on the machine.
  • and more …

But what is true and what is not? What is used to build more efficient muscles with exercise machines or free weights?

The fact is that in principle it makes no difference in muscle training, whether you work with devices or free weights. With the proper diet, regular exercise and regular progression of the weights, in both cases, muscle builds up gradually.

But now comes the big BUT:

However, the use of free weights results in muscle training to better results. However, it does not matter whether short or long dumbbells, barbell both variants are very effective. However, the training with the barbell has the advantage that the weights on the body can be better kept in balance. Very high quality dumbbells.

Also, training with free weights exercises more muscle groups at the same time, as this can be achieved by training devices. Who the shoulder muscles, for example, trains with dumbbell shoulder press, is additionally in each case a greater number of adjacent muscle groups that enable the body only to stabilize the weight in the air. As a result of all these extra-hilfts muscles are built with, resulting in an overall uniform shaped body.

Additional advantages and disadvantages of weight training are:

  • A further advantage of dumbbells is in the diversity of ways of putting it to work. So dumbbells, for example, as well as weight cuffs for extra strengthening the muscles during endurance training, for example, on the treadmill, can be used. In general, a pair of dumbbells and weights for a variety of exercises are used and thus practically train almost all muscle groups of the body.
  • Dumbbells are cheaper to buy than devices, which is why they are also well suited for the training of your home.
  • Because of the possibility of the dumbbells to handle faulty and thereby either to get injured or muscle asymmetrical shape, the weight training is especially suitable for advanced athletes who already have a stronger body.

Who is the training with exercise equipment is a good idea?

Beginners, people with physical impairments or those athletes who want to preserve muscle mass without injury necessarily in volume, however, are well served with appliances. Such training devices allow the targeted training of selected muscle groups.

Beginners who just started with weight training can with the help of machines exercise execution easier erlenen, while the risk of injury reduced by incorrect execution.

As we know it from the dumbbells ago, can be repeatedly increases the weight of the equipment training depending on the training condition. However, the seat is mounted so that the body is optimally stabilized during the exercises. As a consequence, more muscle groups are therefore only slightly or not required.

I personally use exercise equipment like for the “last experience your body” of the muscle. Here I train for example with three heavy sets of bench press and then make one last, lightweight pack with little weight in the Chest Press Machine.

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