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Energy density: The magic formula for healthy weight loss

There is a new magic formula of diet: the energy density! With their help, the kilos to disappear and all without hunger and rigid diet rules. Is it help? We revealed it to you.Energy density

The theory behind the energy density

Energy density: that sounds scientifically and dry. But it is not. On the contrary, the energy density by Prof. Dr. Volker Schusdziarra is much less complicated than other weight loss forms, where promotion accounts for calorie counting and food are simple and understandable divided in the colors green, yellow and red.

The term energy density stands for the energy content of a food, that is the number of calories per amount of ingested food. That sounds a little complicated, but it is not, if it illustrated by an example. So have approximately 550 calories 100 grams of chocolate. Pretty much. If 100 grams of bread have only 210 calories. Thus, chocolate has a higher energy density than bread, precisely because it has more calories per 100 grams. According to their energy density foods are divided in the colors green, yellow and red. So that you are well fed and still lose weight, you should mainly foods with a low energy density food. These are the green foods. You have an energy density of more than 1.5 kcal/gram, ie less than 150 calories per 100 grams. Yellow foods have an energy density between 1.5 kcal/gram and 2.5 kcal/gram, ie a maximum of 250 calories per gram. You are allowed to eat as a complement to a meal. The red food with an energy density of 2.5 kcal/gram and more you should eat in moderation and rare. Prohibited by the way, no food. You may eat anything, but foods like chocolate, chips or fast food in small quantities.

Losing weight after the energy density principle in everyday life

Slimming yes, diet no. The energy density is a permanent changing your diet and not a short term diet that you take a few weeks, then return to old eating patterns. Prof. Dr. Schusdziarra recommends therefore, precisely write down the first two weeks, what you eat. To quickly find out what you like to eat, and can go in the second step from exchanging some of the red food against those from the green or yellow range. Keep doing your individual preferences in mind. There’s no point if you take chocolate now eat a boiled egg or grab instead of chips to rice cakes. It is better if you start on a small scale is. Replace butter and margarine, for example against a low-fat cream cheese or mustard and prefer naturally low-fat cheeses and sausages, when it comes to the breakfast bread.

At lunch and dinner, are increasingly relying on a lot of vegetables and salad. This lets you eat your fill without concern, vegetable has a very low energy density. Reduce the size of the side dishes and meat portion. You will see: you are just as tired as before, but a lot of calories saved. And of course, you can treat themselves to a slice of pizza or also a portion of chips. Make then but in small portions and access them at the subsequent meals with food from the green area.

In order to lose weight successfully with the energy density principle also means that you are limited to the three main meals and at this enough to eat. In his experience, snacks only mean extra calories that are not saved in the correct meals. But you must not too torture yourself. If you are hungry in the late morning, then eat something. Ideal are a piece of fruit or a low-fat yogurt.

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