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Don’t waiver from the bread & pasta! Good carbohydrates are allows to lose weight

Phew! Breathe a sigh of relief! Carbohydrate junkies who located in the low carb bread and pasta, may access reassured henceforth again. For so-called “good carbs” are perfectly permissible when one wants to lose weight.

Good carbohydrates, bad carbs: quite so simple it is not natural. But it is clear there are major differences when it comes to carbohydrates.
Roughly they can be divided on simple and complex carbohydrates. And that act quite differently in the body. Good carbohydrates

Fattening carbohydrates?

Were oily foods for many years as fattening foods have been for a while number one, high-carbohydrate foods such as bread, potatoes or pasta stepped in their place. They are advocates of the Low carb diet is a thorn in the eye, because they are true carbohydrate bombs.

The reason why these foods should make you fat: you eat a slice of bread, the body after consumption has abundant produce insulin in order to transport the sugar arriving from the bread in the blood into the cells. This is a very harmless, normal metabolic process. The problem in fact: much insulin promotes the storage of belly fat. It also inhibits fat burning. Both makes it difficult to lose weight tremendously. That’s why low carb fans shun carbohydrate foods.

Good and bad carbs

However – and here should carbohydrate junkies more – there are large differences as it is written above. Good and bad carbohydrates, simple and complex, which differ in their chemical structure. Specifically, this means: If I eat a slice of white bread with jam, a lot of sugar is in the blood. The body produces a lot of insulin, fat is stored in the abdomen. BUT: If I eat a slice of wholemeal bread with cheese, has significantly less impact on blood sugar levels. It rises only slightly at less insulin is produced, and accordingly there is less risk for the storage of belly fat.

In wholemeal bread stuck good, complex carbohydrates, which you can certainly eat regularly and should. Because they contain plenty of fiber, which are important for a regular, healthy digestion. They also fill your stomach and make long tired.

The carbohydrate-rich foods

  • cake
  • bread
  • potatoes
  • white flour noodles
  • cookies
  • rice
  • muesli
  • ice cream
  • alcohol
  • chips & salty snacks

Please eat regularly: good carbs at a glance

Therefore, you do not need to strictly renounce all carbohydrates, but only from the food, which is very simple. They mainly:

  • White bread
  • Pasta made with white flour
  • Potatoes
  • Candy
  • Cakes & Biscuits
  • Fast Food
  • Chips
  • Alcohol
  • Juice & Sodas

The best tips to lose weight and eat anyway Bread & Co

  • Nothing forbids for yourself, eat sweets and cakes but only rarely and in small quantities.
  • Does your diet whole grains: bread, pasta & Co. There are now in the “healthy” whole grains variant.
  • Eat pasta and potatoes instead of more millet, quinoa or amaranth as a side dish. In addition to complex carbohydrates that also contain a lot of protein.
  • Waive sugary drinks.
  • Abstain from alcohol.
  • Eat the evening mainly protein-rich foods and vegetables, such as eggs, cheese, meat or fish.

So the healthy weight loss without denial from bread and pasta is no obstacle in your way!

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