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Does protein make you fat?

A persistent rumor that protein makes you fat and can inflate strength athletes. Self-proclaimed experts explain a then, that this is “false or artificial” muscle mass and as soon as you leave out the protein shakes, you fall like an inflated balloon together. Oh … ^^


Sounds like a bad joke – or?

Of course we should not let this stand so as to fake or artificial muscle mass, it is not this. We naturalen strength athletes try only the best possible is within our body. Build muscle, which may often look “unnatural or fake” just under the mass of untrained people and simply for the reason just because they have never seen such a muscular body in front of it.

Can proteins are converted to fat or carbohydrates and make us fat?

In theory, yes, and through gluconeogenesis. Gluconeogenesis describes the process in which proteins in glucose, thus sugar is converted Gluscose this in turn can then be converted again into fat. More specifically you quickly realize that this is a very complex but very interesting topic.

Сomplicated subject easy to explain. The next 4 points show you why protein can make us fat

  1. Proteins Food in the body will be split into individual amino acids.
  2. These amino acids are then in a so-called amino acid pool, from where they are in the body for several metabolic processes available. Among other things, just for building muscle. An excess amino acids in the body leads to converting them just by gluconeogenesis in sugar.
  3. This produces a waste product and uric acid, which is excreted by the kidneys in the urine. Therefore, one should also drink plenty of fluids to help the kidneys are not excessively burdened by the high protein consumption!
  4. Return to glucose(also known as sugar). Glucose which was based on the conversion of amino acids, either for energy used so burned by the body or stored in glucose storage and only if this glucose memory are full, glucose is converted into fat and finally ending in our fat stores.

And how does it look in practice?

In practice, it is for the body to convert a very high cost of protein in sugar or fat, so this happens only in the following two situations:

1. In emergency situations

The body is not getting enough carbohydrates (sugars) and is, therefore, have to produce sugar for energy from proteins. This happens for example in a low carb diet.

2. In a calorie surplus caused by very high protein consumption

In general, one is thick with a high calorie surplus. That the body but converts proteins in fat, but very high amounts of protein must be supplied.


The Myth protein makes you fat, so is only partly true. Protein only makes fat when you are in a calorie surplus. In an excess of calories but the body stores more likely sugar and fat in the fat depots than protein. Alone in the conversion of protein to fat the body burns a lot of calories, so it is also sensible to be protein-rich diet as fat or sugar rich!

I hope I could explain this complex topic somewhat understandable. If so, I am high on a thumb! 🙂

Good luck!

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