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Are eggs healthy or eat too many eggs unhealthy?

Probably many know this saying their parents or grandparents “Too many eggs are unhealthy, they raise cholesterol levels and make you sick!“.eggs

But true this argument really? Or is it just another nutrition myth that stubbornly persists over generations?

Egg a controversial food!

It has always circulate a variety of old wives’ tales and dissuasive stories about the consumption of chicken eggs. Scientifically speaking, however, prove yourself eggs as a healthy food that contains many valuable nutrients. Not for nothing they are by many bodybuilders, athletes and people who want to lose weight consumed aware of.

Eggs add the human body no harm to the contrary!

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods

Eggs apply due to the wide range of minerals as nearly perfect food. Substances such as calcium, iron, sodium, zinc, phosphorus and selenium are included in the round bundle of energy. Furthermore, represent all important vitamins, vitamin C is an exception.

The white egg

Also called protein, consist to 87% of pure water, 11% harboring proteins, 1% are the minerals is 1% consists of carbohydrates. The protein also has an exorbitant biological value – It can be added to 100% of the muscles.

The yolk

The other hand, consists of 50% water; it has a fat content of 32%. To 16% consists of the yolk proteins and 2% minerals.

Due to their high protein content eggs can significantly affect muscle maintenance and construction. In addition, eggs can accelerate high in Omega 3 percentage fat loss.

What is the condition of the egg white eggs can be best utilized by the body?

The best it can be utilized by the body when the eggs are hard boiled.

From the raw consumption is not recommended, because the egg white contains the protein avidin, which can bind B vitamins in the body and thus neutralized. To prevent this “anti-vitamin effect” should therefore heat or boil the eggs hard, because the anti-vitamin effect fizzles out as a result.

The consumption of raw eggs is not only in terms of muscle building a contraindication, but the consumption can also lead to a serious health risk. One example is the risk of salmonella poisoning.

7 facts why eggs are healthy!

  1. Eggs contain the highest quality protein – about 6 grams of protein per egg with all amino acids that the body needs for muscle building.
  2. Eggs contain important Omega 3 fatty acids, especially organic eggs have 3x as many omega 3 fatty acids, such as a conventional egg.
  3. Eggs contain many essential vitamins, including Vitamin A, Vitamin E, beta-carotene and very valuable vitamin D.
  4. Eggs saturate long and can be usefully integrated in a diet.
  5. The muscle is systematically improved and accelerated fat loss.
  6. Eggs contain lecithin, making the hair and strengthens nails.
  7. Eggs contain many important minerals.

These three myths that make eggs appear unhealthy!

1. Eggs contain too much cholesterol

Yes, eggs contain cholesterol. Furthermore, it is true that cholesterol can negatively affect the human body, especially the heart and circulatory system impact.

BUT! However, the dietary cholesterol from eggs has NO effect on blood cholesterol in the human body because it is hardly absorbed by the body. The body produces cholesterol itself and that can get in much higher quantities than we by nutrition of. Is added cholesterol out in the form of eggs, the body regulates its own production.

Studies have even shown that some subjects have reacted with declining levels of cholesterol in the consumption of eggs.

2. Eggs contain harmful Salmonella

Yes, eggs may also contain salmonella. The risk, however, can be eliminated easily. Through a sufficient heating of the eggs are the pathogens that cause infections of the gastrointestinal tract can trigger killed.

3. Eggs can be loaded dioxin

Yes, they could. Because of the scandal in 2010 the eggs still attached to a bad image. Since the incident, the controls and policies, however, were drastically tightened. Dietary fat and fat industry have since been stored and prepared separately by law. In addition, the federal government testing laboratories must report immediately if increased levels of dioxins present.


It should be noted that eggs, contrary to their prejudices, can be an important part of the human diet. In addition to the contains numerous vitamins, minerals and amino acids eggs to support muscle growth and stimulate the burning of fat.

The animal product thus proves to be a real source of energy that can be equally consumed by athletes as obese people.

In addition, eggs can be annoying alleviate skin irritations and brittle fingernails and seem brittle hair contrary.

It is therefore advisable to involve eggs into everyday food and not just at Easter!

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