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Diet Trend Clean Eating: Freshly cooked rather than ready-made food

Fruit yoghurt without real fruit, orange juice with a little orange or a granola bar, especially from sugar – is doesn’t matter to us, we take anyway. Because it’s comfortable and taste the same. Until now, because of the diet trend “Clean Eating” says these highly processed foods in the fight!Clean Eating

What is Clean Eating?

Clean Eating is a trend in the US, which is dominated by the author Tosca Reno, who has published numerous recipe books on the subject. Clean Eating is based on the assumption that highly processed foods such as ready meals, sweets, fast food or salty snacks lead to obesity, make you tired and harmful to health. With largely unprocessed foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and home cooked, it is a go, however much better: fit, healthy and usually also slim. Sounds great, who would not want that?

The Clean Eating Rules at a Glance

  • Fresh oranges or fresh juice instead of orange juice concentrate
  • Plain yogurt instead of heavily sugared fruit yoghurt
  • A handful of nuts instead of sweet cereal bars
  • Even cooked instead finished feeding

The Clean Eating rules are pretty simple:

  • Waiver of finished products
  • Waiver of foods with additives (preservatives, colorings, …)
  • Waiver of sweeteners
  • Renunciation of sugar bombs

Instead, we should feed us so:

  • 5-6 small meals per day
  • lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • cook to yourself
  • prefer healthy, vegetable fats
  • drink 2-3 liters of water per day

Clean Eating: hot or not?

In the US Clean Eating is often done along with a fasting detox (SUPER calorie) – which is not so great. However, the actual thought, possible to eat fresh, unprocessed foods and to cook for yourself is great! Away from highly processed, high-calorie foods often and go back to the diet, which had our grandparents. Since it was lunch freshly cooked along with potatoes there was a large portion of vegetables and sometimes meat or fish. Sweets or cakes were brought only on Sundays or on special occasions out of the closet. Chips or burgers nobody knew. Just as soda or cola. More on this motion. No wonder that obesity or cardiovascular disease were much less often problem.

So Clean Eating is implemented in everyday life

Finished products are so convenient. But to be honest, after a while, also the cook is really fast! There are many super quick and easy recipes. It doesn’t always have the expensive Roast on the table, or even a 3-course menu. Whole wheat pasta with a vegetable pan do’s also. Or a piece of lean chicken with baked potatoes, cheese and salad.

In the morning there’s instead chocolate crunchy oatmeal, nuts and a little finely chopped dark chocolate. Or a slice of wholemeal bread with cream cheese instead of white bread.

Great snacks include nuts, fruits, vegetables, plain yogurt or cottage cheese. And sweet is permitted from time to time. Quite dark bittersweet chocolate, for example.

After a while you on it, what are processed foods free of additives and which an E-number to the next rows. Organic foods are often better and are made from natural ingredients – a guarantee is not! It is worth time to look for an afternoon at the supermarket just on the label and compare.

Anyone times for a month after the Clean Eating rules fed and all the Finished stuff is largely out of the will certainly find that the skin is shining and he is indeed fit and overall, feel more comfortable. Since then it’s not hard, when shopping for natural yogurt to take effect and the vanilla-yogurt-cream.

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