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Diet Tip: Lose weight with a food diary

If your waistband is clamped and the balance indicates unpleasant figures, there is a lot of surprise in voice: Why is that? I have not much to eat. When searching, which lurk in the diet trap and how reduce calorie helping diet protocol. Looking ahead diary of meals and snacks, also has a wonderful side effect: The first extra pounds often disappear on its own. Read here how this works and what to bring nutrition protocols. We explain how a food diary is guided and what to look diary

Automatically weight loss with food diary

In a food diary will record every day all what you eat and drink. This applies not only for meals at the table, but for everything we push us into our mouth. This often leads to surprising results. Whoever thinks to have little eaten, now sees how many little things he has while snacking and snacking throughout the day.

At the same time, registration is you to think twice if, for example, you really need candy. One in order to avoid additional paperwork. Thus the eating habits change already by the writing and raising awareness. This one automatically saves calories, and already the first kilos by the way are melted away.

Important information for diet success

A food diary provides a good indication where are the pitfalls. It reveals where most calories are coming from and where you can best save. Captures the protocol also sport and physical activity, revealed the balance between calories consumed and eaten. She makes it clear that you have to save less while eating, as one moves more.

Who are also listed, in which situation, why and with what feelings he has eaten, receives important information on which their own eating behavior often gets out of hand. From this we can develop strategies to get a better handle these situations.

So lead you diet protocol

To create a food diary is easy. The simplest variant is a piece of paper or a notebook. In it, you draw a table with columns for date, time and type and amount of food eaten. As needed, further columns can be complemented eg for the place where you ate, to calculate the calories or for other observations. Very enlightening, it is also well to note in a column why you ate (eg hunger, frustration or boredom) and what thoughts and feelings accompany the food.

This table should always have with you and add a line for every single meal, but also for small treats and snacks. Be honest in writing! Who deceives, only harms himself and the protocol run can save the same. Ideally, you must one or two weeks record your eating habits in order to detect the typical pattern.

Tip: On the Internet you can find numerous, partly free templates for nutrition protocols for downloading and printing.

Digital Diary: Apps for losing weight

Smartphone you in any way carry with it the perfect assistant for recording. Numerous nutrition and diet apps provide integrated nutrition protocols. Their advantages over the paper version: сlear graphics illustrate the data entered. Calories are automatically calculated and compared with the daily requirement. In addition, you can often set their own objectives and control them.

Some nutritional Apps also allow entering of sporting activities. Some can even be coupled directly with fitness apps and take over their data. So the calories consumed while going directly into the calorie balance.

How are the meals collected?

There are many ways to record what you eat. As a rule, the type and amount of food eaten are recorded. The amount can be accurately weighed or roughly estimated. But there are also lists of prescribed foods and fixed portion sizes, where you make a dash for each consumed serving. Some protocols work with photos of food servings. Many apps provide the ability to scan Eaten Foods over the barcode. For other one received a cell phone photo of your own food.

What kind of recording you choose depends on your personal goals and preferences: how much detail you want to know about your eating habits decision? How much time and effort you want to spend for logging? Do you prefer working with numbers and text or images? The best way to look at different nutritional protocols and consider how well they fit into your daily life and your habits.

Analysis with nutritional counseling

A food diary also provides the perfect basis for a professional nutritional advice. For example, if you do not quite despite protocol, what is going wrong and why you do not answer. Or if the change of diet will not succeed or might diseases occur. Then a competent professional will advise you personally responds individually to your situation and helps you to achieve your goals.

Numerous offers of nutrition and diet advice with integrated nutrition protocols can be found on the Internet. Check with these offers, whether the advice is provided by highly trained professionals. What interests might put it? As what other users the offer?

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