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Despite Bikini panic: Why you should not fall for a blitz diet

Help! As out of nowhere, it is suddenly warm, the summer is coming and a look in the mirror shows: the body is definitely not bikini fit! But that’s no reason to hidden.

The blitz diet works by cutting out foods that lead to cravings and weight gain. So out go sugar, dairy products, wheat products and all processed foods.

Many fall into panic now and start one of the many blitz diets to lose weight as quickly as possible. After all, it sounds so easy: 5 kilos in just one week! To ensure that all problems would be solved in one fell swoop! If it that would work…blitz diet

7 good reasons why you should stay away from a Blitz diet:

1. You never lose as much as promised.

To lose 1 kg of fat , you have to save 7000 kcal. Converts the time to a week high. Even if you eat nothing, you will be a maximum of 2 kg lighter. And these 2 kg are no fat, but mostly water.

2. All returned back again.

The lost 2 kg return less than two weeks. Why? Guilt is the yo-yo effect. While your diet phase of metabolism has switched on the back burner. Finally he got hardly anything to eat. After the diet, if you eat more again, the body stores a everything he gets. He knows now that there can be times of famine and provides this before.

3. Your body is not supplied with all the nutrients.

Whoever eats nothing or a maximum of 1000 kcal per day, eating so one-sided that the body is not supplied with all vitamins and minerals. A few days, the body’s balance, then it will eventually critical and you get deficiencies.

4. You are constantly hungry.

Whoever eats nothing or 1000 kcal has to come clear on the day, is actually getting hungry. This ensures cravings and extremely bad mood.

5. That which ye shall eat, have not taste.

Mmm, delicious cabbage soup! Or again a grapefruit … The recipes that come along with the flash diet, are generally anything but tasty and often do not meet the personal taste.

6. Barbecues and ice? You must not eat what is tasty – and you messed up the summer.

Outside it’s warm, all eating ice cream – and you must not. Goofy. Equally is silly to sit with a carrot in his hand at the barbecue.

7. You learn not how to be healthy and balanced diet to lose weight permanently.

And with all the diet stress you do not even learn how healthy eating looks like and what you have to do to permanently stay slim.

Forget the flash diets and therefore accept your body as it is. He’s just not in top form. No matter! You’ll still have a great holiday or summer. And: If you now begins with regular exercise and your diet surrounded, then you will be definitely bikini fit next summer!

So you lose weight permanently

At first you realize that no foods are banned, all are welcome. However, you should get used to you, you sick of eating the low-calorie as vegetables, fruits or lean dairy products. Junk foods like chocolate or ice cream now and then are allowed in small quantities. So quiet times Eat an ice cream, but limit yourselves most of the time on a bullet and ordered the big cup with cream only very rarely.

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