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Delicious protein bar make yourself!

Are you looking for a high protein, healthy and above all delicious protein bar which you can do yourself? Then you are exactly right!Protein Bars

In this article you’ll find a delicious recipe for you your own protein bar can quickly and easily make your own.

What is required?


250g oatmealprotein bar

120g Whey Protein

30g almonds

40g raisins

10g cinnamon

50g peanut butter

30g honey

300ml skimmed milk

30g applesauce

30g dark chocolate 70%


  1. You brauchts two bowls, in a bowl of oatmeal you give 250g, 120g Whey Protein, 30g almonds, 40g raisins and a spoonful of cinnamon. Thereafter, the whole mix.
  2. In the second bowl you now give 50g peanut butter, honey 30g, 30ml skimmed milk, 30g and 30g dark chocolate apple sauce. Then the whole thing for 30 seconds into the microwave. After 30 seconds immediately you verührst the dough until it gets a slightly firmer consistency.
  3. Now mix the two bowls and stir the porridge well. Filling the whole thing now into a mold, for example, in a baking tray and give it to 20 minutes to the fridge!

READY is specially created your protein bar!

protein bar

Nutritional Values:

Do you share the square into eight parts, so has a protein bar about 33g carbohydrates 24g protein and 10g fat, which makes a total of about 325 calories.


The protein bar is ideal to take him to the work, and as a snack between meals. It really tastes absolutely delicious and it also is very healthy. This makes it ideal for everyone which is located in a muscle building phase.

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