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Fitness in three-four time

Fitness need not be hard work, but can be fun. While dancing the gushing happiness hormones, by the way, it tones the body and makes a good figure. The sweeping movement even holds her head fit and protects against dementia. Good: anyone can learn to dance at any age. Thanks to the huge selection you will find guaranteed your favorite style. Who is dancing in a bar near the pylon or loves to dance at weddings: dancing to the music is a sensual pleasure that pays – with a better body feeling and clever heads.Dancing

Swing for more inspiration

Music is the key: in sports, it helps you stay motivated, rhythm and fun. In Rumba, reggae or rock’n’roll melting one or two pounds. An hour dancing burned, depending on the intensity between 200 to 500 kcal. Who swings on the dance floor, not only strengthens the legs but the entire muscle. Because stomach and back provide the necessary attitude and arms keep the balance. So Viennese waltz, foxtrot forms & Co., as well as modern hip-hop or jazz dance the figure and give a good feeling. Besides, the movement to music is an excellent endurance and cardiovascular training. In addition, fine motor skills, coordination and sense of balance are trained. This keeps to move into old age and mobile!

Wellness in the cradle step

The dances goes further: because the distributed bop happiness hormones and stress hormones are reduced, the relaxation in the head is noticeable. The shutdown is significantly easier, stress and hassles are forgotten quickly.

Dancing also effective against dementia because learning the step sequences or choreography calls on the brain cells, which in turn increases the retentiveness. And since both sides of the brain are better supplied with blood, and creativity is encouraged. This will strengthen along with the good body feeling and self-confidence and makes you want in everyday life times to step out of line.

Here you are the dreamer

The dance school or dance club are the first point of contact in order to familiarize yourself with many different styles of familiar and learn their steps. Courses for Seniors, Elderly or children are offered as well as crash courses for special occasions. Is your partner a reluctant dancer? Then lure him with an introductory lesson on the dance floor. Also the good is not to help partner exchanges continue (see box). For those who prefer the hobby crazy-modern or built with gymnastic elements, should contact sports and gyms. There number of training courses offered. If one has his favorite place, it is practice, practice, practice. In like-minded makes it even more fun. But also “solo” it can be good at dancing – either in your own home or at the disco. So you can be anywhere on the Dancing Queen or the Tango God.

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