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Once outside gets warmer and the sun is shining outside the window, the perfect time has come for cycling of all kinds. The nice thing about cycling: one need not be a sports fan to turns the wheel. Because the joint-gentle cycling guarantees occasion athletes carefree joy. By the way cycling protects of stress, makes you fit and burns extra calories. And everyone can vigorously pedaling to his taste, more or less. Why cycling is so good, as the ideal equipment looks and more tips and tricks you may read here.Cycle

Cycling keeps you fit and healthy

Who cycling to the office every morning, has already done a lot for his health. Because cycling is good for muscles and figure: Legs, belly, Butt and back can be trained, without joints or brace to over-claim. Simultaneously, the workout gets your circulation up to speed and strengthen the condition. Endurance sports and regular exercise in the fresh air also improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Incidentally, endurance athletes are mentally and physically resilient. Your stress tolerance is increased significantly by the recurring movement.

Not least, cycling complement a diet very well. Because biking is also suitable for untrained with a little more weight. So you can abstrampeln pounds without putting the burden on the joints. Even half an hour at a cozy cycling provides 60 kg person for a calorie consumption of about 180 kcal.

Slow strengthening workout

Those who enjoy Cycling and want to do more than the occasional Sunday ride, can Ride comfortably in everyday life to integrate, to keep fit. Untrained start with a walk around the block and increase from 10 to 30 minutes, preferably two to three times per week. At the end of the training, the pace can be removed and with stretching exercises to complete.

Experienced cyclists can look to three Times a week for 35 minutes on Tour. Only five minutes leisurely losradeln and then 30 minutes rapidly further nozzles. If you like the interval training that alternates between five minutes fast and five minutes of slow driving. After you can the intense intervals to extend the Komplettstrecke on a total time of approximately 60 minutes to extend.

Nutrition: To strengthen itself for cycling

So you do not make flabby, even during long trips, your muscles need one thing: energy. Therefore, you should emphasis on a balanced diet and plenty of fluids – before, during and after the Tour.

Who is not more than an hour, needs normally no food to pack. For longer distances include light Snacks on the go can be eaten, in the Luggage. Well suited are, for example, bananas, granola bars, fruit, raw vegetables or a whole grain bread with turkey breast or cheese and salad.

Whether for short or longer trips, it is especially important that the body is fluid enough to get. Because only someone who drinks enough, can also perform well. Already have a fluid loss of 2 % of your body weight through sweating will affect the performance enormously. Ideal drinks are water, juices with mineral water or unsweetened tea. Juice spritzers, mixing ratio 1/3 juice to 2/3 water, are particularly suitable, since they the body at the same time with the readily available supply of energy.

The right equipment: sports clothing and helmet

It is worthwhile to acquire good sportswear. Because the right equipment enhances driving pleasure and safety.

A helmet is important to protect your head in case of a fall from serious injuries. In the selection of shorts, you should pay attention to a quilted liner that cushions the buttocks. Special bicycle gloves bow to pressure points on the hands. Breathable T-shirts and jackets to avoid heat accumulation in the body. If you prefer functional shirts that transport sweat away from the skin and dry in no time. Contrast cotton dries very slowly. And with wet clothes it can cool down quickly in the wind and you risk a cold.

How is correctly adjust your bike

Who cycling to fitness purposes are suitable for the especially trekking and mountain bikes. But also a good city bike can afford his services. It is particularly important that the wheel is adjusted in the height of the saddle and the frame size and position on the driver’s body size. The saddle should be adjusted so that the legs while driving are not fully bent. The footpad should be put at the lowest position of the pedal, the leg should be slightly bent.

A back-friendly saddle has a good cushion to cushion shocks on uneven ground. He should be present on the seat post and can be pushed back. The seat position is optimal when the knee is in a horizontal pedal position just above the bottom bracket of the pedal.

To prevent back problems, you should sit as upright as possible. The handlebar height should be adjusted so that you are relaxed and feeling has to be able to transmit the power to the pedals well.

Please check before the bike ride!

Before you start, you should check your bike step by step:

Are the tires firmly pumped? Do the brakes correctly? Is the chain is tensioned and well lubricated? Are lights, mudguards and reflectors intact? Are saddle and seatpost adjusted correctly? Are all screws tight? Does the gear shift? Is the bell intact? Is an air pump attached to the wheel?

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