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Cooling sleep – despite the heat

When the heat is and not a breeze blowing, it is difficult to many people to come to rest and to sink into the well-deserved sleep. Even harder is it when the merciless ticking hands of the alarm clock constantly remind us that not much time left until dawn.

So the summer heat at night, not robs the last nerve, but even at tropical temperatures your well-deserved cooling sleep to get, we have a few cool tricks.cooling sleep

If lack of sleep and mood immune system suffer

Can our body does not cool down at high temperatures overnight, this is the sweat and grueling problem. Because lack of sleep not only makes a bad mood, but also weakens the immune system. In addition, attention is impaired the next day and we make common mistake. Therefore, it is important to ensure even on hot summer nights be cooling and restful sleep.

Cool Tips for the bedroom

Take advantage of the cool, early morning hours, to ventilate for the day – pulling is particularly effective. Then close the bedroom window firmly and let the shutters down in addition to not even let enter the heat. Banish if possible all electronic devices from the bedroom, because these emit heat.

Summery linen

Who waived entirely in the summer on a bedspread, often has the problem that it starts to freeze during the night. It is helpful, therefore, to replace the thick down comforter for a light cotton sheets. Or just use the duvet cover without ticking. This protects against drafts and is pleasant for all those who are accustomed to snuggle under a blanket. Who likes it particularly refreshing, can put his sheets for a short time in the refrigerator. Longer-lasting refreshment brings a “hot water bottle”, which was filled with cold water by cooling for 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Even choosing the right pajamas can contribute decisively to cool. To carry away the sweat and heat well, you can, for example, wear underwear. But even light cotton clothing, such as shorts and t-shirt are pleasant.

The cool refreshment before sleep

What could be better than to cool off after a sweaty summer day in the shower? Who does this just before bedtime, the pleasant coolness takes even to bed. Not showers but cold, but rather lukewarm. Because cold water promotes blood circulation, which the circulation unit really. Lukewarm water against it opens the pores and lets the heat escape.

Light food and drink

In order not to additionally burden the stomach at bedtime heavy, fatty food, you eat in the evening rather little and mostly light fare. Ideal are salads, steamed fish, yogurt or cottage cheese dishes. So that you do not constantly have to go to the toilet at night, you should drink throughout the day much, however, before bedtime only a few sips.

What else you can do for restful sleep

Keep Calm:L If you just don’t get to sleep, don’t be sad unnecessary. Console yourself: in the summer we need sleep about an hour less than in winter.

Off ventilator: air-conditioning and fan to switch off at all night, firstly it is loud and secondly expensive. It is enough to turn the fan just before bedtime for a short time to enjoy the cooling and to fall asleep.

Fly screen: successful help against annoying flies, mosquitoes and other insects provide mosquito nets and attaching it to the window frame. So good night’s sleep is not disturbed by the whirring and more piercing the pests.

Smoking not right before sleep nicotine constricts the blood vessels so that the body can produce heat at night worse. Therefore smoking your last cigarette one to two hours before sleep.

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