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The 2-day diet: Finally slim with the new miracle diet?

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016 in Diets | 0 comments

Sounds good! Stick to two days per week diet, eat the remaining five days normal and still lose weight. According to the study results, the 2-day diet is exactly what you want. We have looked at the matter more accurate. The study behind the 2-day diet The scientists from the University Hospital of Manchester, England, have compared three diet programs together. The first group fed on by a Mediterranean diet based on a caloric intake of 1,500 kcal per day maximum. Group two was eating normally five days a week, in two days they were allowed to eat only a maximum of 600 kcal and only 40 grams of food could be carbohydrates. The last group was fed a healthy, balanced, refrained two days per week, however, almost entirely on carbohydrates. Bread and Co. were taboo, a serving of...

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Diet Trend Clean Eating: Freshly cooked rather than ready-made food

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in Diets | 0 comments

Fruit yoghurt without real fruit, orange juice with a little orange or a granola bar, especially from sugar – is doesn’t matter to us, we take anyway. Because it’s comfortable and taste the same. Until now, because of the diet trend “Clean Eating” says these highly processed foods in the fight! What is Clean Eating? Clean Eating is a trend in the US, which is dominated by the author Tosca Reno, who has published numerous recipe books on the subject. Clean Eating is based on the assumption that highly processed foods such as ready meals, sweets, fast food or salty snacks lead to obesity, make you tired and harmful to health. With largely unprocessed foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and home cooked, it is a go, however much better: fit, healthy and usually also slim....

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The Montignac diet

Posted by on Oct 28, 2016 in Diets | 0 comments

The Montignac diet is a part of the global Montignac Method, which found especially among businessmen a many followers. Because with the Montignac diet, it is possible to connect the weight loss with business. How does the Montignac diet works? According to the French experts, you gain weight not because you eat too much, but because certain foods combined with each other. Conclusion: Not less but better eating is a must! According Montignac it comes to weight gain because we eat of bad carbohydrates and compile the various foods wrong in our menu plan. Therefore, the diet bans all foods with a high glycemic index (potatoes, carrots, beetroot, white bread, pasta …), as these contribute to the alleged insulin production and stimulate the formation of fat cells. Also, certain connections between fat and sugar or animal proteins and carbohydrates...

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The Okinawa diet

Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 in Diets | 0 comments

The Okinawa diet owes its name of the same name archipelago in southern Japan. There, the average life expectancy is 86 years for women and 78 years for men higher than anywhere else in the world. Okinawa diet is simple and close to the nature. It composes mainly of green/orange/yellow (GOY) vegetables, fruits, roots, and tubers and simple seafood. No wonder that there most of the people live on the earth over a hundred years. But it gets even better: the inhabitants of these islands are not only extremely old but remain still amazingly fit: both mentally and physically! The secret of this high performance? The food of course! Principle The Okinawa residents attract more and more attention. Not only scientists increasingly wonder: how does this island population is so healthy ageing? Of course this is a hereditary factor...

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The Scarsdale Diet

Posted by on Oct 24, 2016 in Diets | 0 comments

The Scarsdale diet is named after the US city of Scarsdale, New York, where it was developed by the cardiologist Dr. Hermann Tarnów. The method makes it possible within 1-2 weeks a weight loss of about 450g per day under the condition that is eaten only carbohydrate and low-fat but high-protein food. How does the Scarsdale Diet work? The Scarsdale Diet or “Scarsdale Medical Diet” (SMD) consists of a 14-day program. The principle is based on a very low calorie intake (1000 kcal per day) and a strong restriction of carbohydrate supply. The Scarsdale diet is actually one of the first weight loss methods from the group of so-called “low carb” diets, where the carbohydrate intake is reduced dramatically. Therefore comes a lot of protein on the table, especially meat, lean fish and low-calorie vegetables for 14 days. After...

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Healthy slimming in the long term with the DASH diet

Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in Diets | 0 comments

Congratulations! American nutritionists appointed the DASH diet for best diet in 2016, as they should create a ranking for US News. Reason enough, we view the DASH diet more accurate. This is the DASH diet While the DASH diet was originally developed as an eating style to help lower blood pressure, it has been found to be a fabulous plan for weight loss. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension “, which translated means something like ‘dieting tips for lowering blood pressure’. Primarily was developed the DASH diet for hypertension patients. Studies have shown, however, that with the diet plan in addition to the blood pressure and the weight is lowered. Hypertension and obesity are related in many cases. Approximately 350 million europeans suffer from high blood pressure – some of them do not even know it. Hypertension...

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