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For health reasons: 5 good reasons to take a nap on a regular basis

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Advice | 0 comments

Actually we do not need extra invitation for a short nap. But we feel a lot better when we know that the nap is really good for us! Now take a nap … Does familiar come to you after lunch? Many would prefer to lie down and close your eyes for a few minutes? Does that as often as possible! Napping is in fact really good for your health. Here are five reasons that you can list your boss: 1. Stress reduction Even through a few minutes of sleep stress reduces. You’re more relaxed after the nap and you feel great. Perfect, because too much stress can promote cardiovascular disease, increase blood pressure and it increases the risk even for the burnout syndrome. The want to be quite sure that no one – and when a little bit of...

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10 commandments for a healthy lifestyle and a happy, long life

Posted by on Nov 5, 2016 in Advice | 0 comments

There are many tips for a healthy lifestyle. We made an easy conversion and tell you the 10 most important rules that will help you in your happy life. 1. Rule: You shall as often as possible to laugh heartily. Laughter makes you happy, relaxed and simply good for the soul. Laugh as much as possible! Release your inner child! 2. Rule: You must have time for yourself. Time think only of themselves, just do what you just really feel like: take it at least half an hour a day. Body and soul much better move. 3. Rule: You shall ensure a balanced work-life balance. Let the work in the evening in the office. Switch and prefer your interests. To have a balanced relationship to the work is important to relax. Clear, so you earn money, but really happy...

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Negative Calories: Take pineapple, celery & Co. really the kilos melt?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2016 in Advice, Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Eat and lose weight: that should be possible with the right foods. For example, certain fruits have negative calories. Will hot: The body uses to digest more calories than he ever does to himself. So forth with the pineapple! Before you storm the nearest supermarket however, you have to cut your shopping list. Because the theme of negative calories is not scientifically proven. What are negative calories? Fruits and vegetables generally have few calories. However, there are some, such as grapefruit, pineapple or celery, at their digestion of the body is to consume more energy than was received by the consumption by the body. 100 g grapefruit have 38 kcal. You eat a serving of grapefruit should not be counted against the calories your account because the body spend more than 38 calories through energy of digestion. Even bigger...

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Plan holidays well – Travel relaxed

Posted by on Aug 31, 2016 in Advice | 0 comments

Vacation is supposed to be the most beautiful time of the year. We dream of relaxing hours on the beach or harmonic encounters throughout the world. Just stupid, when the flippers or the camera is missing, the passport has expired or the flowers wither at home. This allows you to enjoy the holiday properly, good and is worthwhile planning in advance. We give you tips on what to look for in order to avoid stress from the outset and to overcome all the obstacles relaxed. A destination for all needs Where to go this year? Revel best already at least six months before you travel on vacation dreams. Clarify the possibility who has what needs: Dear lazy, do sports or discover something new? If possible, hot and sunny or prefer moderate temperatures? Mountains or sea, at home or abroad?...

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Fit for the slopes: tips for the home

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016 in Advice, Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

“On the slopes ready go!” While this promises driving enjoyment, but also carries an increased risk of injury. Because skiers know: Alpine skiing is a sport in which at the same time are needed endurance, technique, flexibility and coordination. Anyone who underestimates the and overwhelmed his body, lead to more severe consequences. Sprains, torn ligaments and broken bones are not uncommon in the ski season. It may prevents the specific training. Who is fit, has even more fun skiing. The top priority: fitness all year round Who does not want to end up as crash pilot, should ideally be followed his fitness program throughout the year. Because ligaments, tendons and muscles will not happen overnight powerful and strong. To train coordination, flexibility and responsiveness there are best sports such as volleyball, basketball or tennis. Also is recommended rollerblading. With...

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Cooling sleep – despite the heat

Posted by on Jun 20, 2016 in Advice | 0 comments

When the heat is and not a breeze blowing, it is difficult to many people to come to rest and to sink into the well-deserved sleep. Even harder is it when the merciless ticking hands of the alarm clock constantly remind us that not much time left until dawn. So the summer heat at night, not robs the last nerve, but even at tropical temperatures your well-deserved cooling sleep to get, we have a few cool tricks. If lack of sleep and mood immune system suffer Can our body does not cool down at high temperatures overnight, this is the sweat and grueling problem. Because lack of sleep not only makes a bad mood, but also weakens the immune system. In addition, attention is impaired the next day and we make common mistake. Therefore, it is important to ensure...

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