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Blood Type Diet, Atkins Diet & Co. – 10 different diets at a glance!

Have you ever heard of the Atkins diet, zero diet or food combining diet? Diets, there are a dime a dozen, so it can quickly get confused here.10 diets

Find in this article 10 of the best known and most common diets, respectively nutshell…

1. Atkins Diet

In contrast to many other diets do not stand the calories, but only the carbohydrates in the center. These are painted at the beginning almost entirely from the diet and are only allowed gradually again in small quantities. Proteins, vegetable and animal fats, especially the other hand, one can eat to your heart’s content. It does not matter if there are eggs, fish or high fat content dressing. In addition, it is important to drink as much as possible.


The aim of the Atkins diet is carbohydrates on the digestive system to cheat over, so a quick and large weight reduction is made possible especially in the initial phase. However, this can mainly be attributed to an increased excretion of water and should not usually be permanent.


Additional risks are due to the very one-sided oriented diets. This deficiency symptoms and, consequently, side effects such as constipation, a limp feeling or circulatory problems may result.

2. Brigitte Diet

In the Brigitte diet foods are not generally prohibited. The weight reduction will be achieved through a reduction in calorie intake and an optimal combination of the individual ingredients. There are more than the day three main meals and two snacks according to fixed rules.


Since no food groups are neglected by the varied recipes in this mixed diet and the body gets enough carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins that Brigitte diet is definitely a healthy option to decrease.


A disadvantage, however in the complete inflexibility. The recipes are difficult to adapt to personal taste, bring a certain amount of time by shopping and cooking with it, are not very suitable for professionals and offer only limited value to later. Specifically, the restriction to 1000 calories a day so runs the risk of falling victim to the infamous after completion of the diet yo-yo effect, not least because a real change in eating habits by the predetermined plan virtually invisible.

3. The FdH diet

Eat half (FdH) – this classic is probably as old as mankind and in its execution certainly one of the simplest diets at all. Actually FdH means nothing more than “eat less and you will be automatically on.”


From this starting credo is certain at least that is a hundred percent guarantee loses weight at FdH diet. Because less food means less calories means less inches around the hips. Whether it is the right centimeters, but you can not make sweeping statements. For it not only plays a role that amount of food you eat, but also what the quality they are. Half a balanced diet is balanced, half an unhealthy diet is unhealthy, it does not change the halving.


Anyone who relies solely on austerity measures over a set period of time and then returns to normal life, should quickly get to see on the scale again the lost pounds. This makes sense FdH therefore exclusively in conjunction with a diet and exercise.

4. Low-Fat Diet

In this form of diet, fats are greatly reduced in the diet. For example, there is the low-fat diet 30, here the fat should account for about 30 percent of the calories. Nevertheless, also the overall diet plays a crucial role in a low-fat diet. Less fat benefits in the long run nothing if the rest of the diet unhealthy to one side or calories comes along.

5. Hollywood Diet

Similarly, the Brigitte diet to reduce weight come through a reduction in calorie intake and an optimal combination of the individual ingredients into existence. In addition to the daily diet is predominantly converted to fruit and largely banished foods high in fat or sugar salt thereof. The composition of the meals is based on a fixed, extremely detailed plan that needs to be rigorously observed.


As a positive aspect, however, the strong focus can be counted on fruit, to some degree, since at least the supply of vitamins and antioxidants is guaranteed.


The disadvantages are obvious: rigor recipes into account neither the individual taste, nor do they let room for an actual analysis of their own eating habits and an eventual conversion. In combination with the extreme restriction on daily maximum of 800 calories (less likely) the yo-yo effect floodgates will open. Even with strong muscle loss is to be expected in this diet.

6. Blood type diet

This special form is one of the so-called “fad diets”. She is not based on the control of calories or certain foods and is no scientific evidence regarding their effectiveness. Basic principle of this diet is the division of the people and its optimal nutrition according to blood groups 0, A, B and AB, where certain properties are attributed. How should members of the blood group A predominantly feed on plant products, while members of the blood group 0 are ideal due to their physical condition rather for meat. After this basic concept of the entire menu is aligned.


For the meaning and effectiveness it is difficult to say anything, because the blood type diet as yet lack a medical background. In one, they may work where others do not. Only the rather one-sided focus – blood group 0, for example, animal protein – is negative in the eye. It can lead to deficiency symptoms of dizziness and bowel disorder or impairment of the cardio-vascular system.

7. Low-glycemic diet (Montignac diet)

The four letters stand for glycemic glycemic index and denote a value that indicates the strength increase insulin levels after eating. Foods with a high glycemic value can therefore insulin levels rise sharply, while foods with a low glycemic value that can hardly or only slightly increased. As part of the diet are preferably as low as possible GI values, whatever their level of carbohydrate, protein, fat and other nutrients.

The principle of Low-glycemic diet is perfectly understandable even for lay people: the fewer increases in insulin levels, the more noticeable is the feeling of satiety and the longer pause. Consequently, the body requires much later for new food.


Advantageous effect from that focuses on healthy foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables are on the grade glycemic index list and sugar, chocolate, alcohol or fatty meats “better not” fall under the category.


The disadvantage, however, one must refer to the fact that many aspects are not taken into account even in this form of weight loss. These include in particular the particular combination of meals or the preparation of food.

8. Food Combining Diet

The Food Combining is based on the assumption that certain foods slow down digestion or block, when eaten together, and follow one simple principle: take carbohydrates and proteins separated to himself, also spread throughout the day a total of 20 percent from the acidic cluster of food and 80 percent from the basic block consume. These neutral foods may be combined. Between meals should also be a period of time so that no mixing takes place.


Meanwhile, science has largely disproved this theory, which is why today, actually there are only modifications of the original method as the Hay’sche food combining or “the slim in his sleep” concept. You all have in common is that when correctly actually takes place weight loss. In extreme orientation but is also the risk of deficiency due to too unbalanced diet, automatically results from the combination of numerous prohibitions.

9. Weight Watchers Diet

The key to success of this diet is based on two complementary pillars: no food is forbidden. Of fruit and vegetables to chocolate or mayonnaise everything is permitted. Secondly, take courses in the Weight Watchers group instead, thus the motivation to be increased.

Although the last aspect may be supportive, but should not stand in the foreground, because at some point you have to assume sole responsibility for their eating habits to permanently stay slim again. Nevertheless, the community can be an important support especially in the initial phase.

However, core of Weight Watchers is the point system. In this case, each food receives a certain point value, which is composed of its calories, fat, carbohydrate and protein yield. Depending on your age, weight, and personal circumstances, each participant will receive a tailored to his point number that he may consume daily. Sport brings additional points. Now when he distributed them to his meals, he is left.


The very flexible system is under intense discussion of the plan and its own eating habits in many cases almost incidentally also a change in diet instead, which of course requires particularly after the diet discipline. This could represent the Weight Watchers one of the most balanced and sustainable ways of weight reduction.


Negative it is significant that the prices are not cheap and not everyone likes losing weight in the group.

10. Pineapple diet, cabbage soup diet, zero-diet

These and similar diets explain are pretty obvious. The food is reduced to a specific product, for example a kind of fruit or liquid food or complete set. Since most of these products are also hardly contain calories, an insane weight loss is not infrequent that would probably never have to do with a pure diet and exercise.

BUT! Any kind of diet that focuses on the limited recording of a specific food and no variety offers, inevitably leads to three things: the weight tumbles extremely fast, climb even faster in the air and always carries the risk of deficiency, provided you can suppress the gag reflex over a longer period of time. Because at least after the first week of the body and especially the sense of taste with fierce defense will react, no matter how delicious pineapple, Soup Co. and taste in the beginning.

Overall, it is not recommended urgent of all so-called radical diets!

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