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Alternative for classic bench press!

Bench press, often many athletes complain that they with the classic flat bench press with barbell can not cope. Either then or pain while in the shoulder, one meets the chest does not really exist, or you simply do not scoring successes and can not increase the weight!

classic bench press!
So my tip: As a very good alternative, try the following exercise, you take a weight bench and give this cable between two towers. Now it puts you on the bench and leads to the two cable grips simply the bench press movement from the bottom up! With this exercise I could as an alternative to the classic bench press very good results in terms achieved on strength and muscle growth and thereby had no shoulder pain! Who can not imagine anything under this exercise, here’s a picture this: bench press on the cable tower.

Bench press – no strength increase!

Who just do not go any further in the bench press in terms of power, stagnant and just doing nothing, for I have the following advice: Train your chest times in a 5 × 5 System, this means lade your dumbbell with so much weight that you manage five repetitions. After each repetition breathes 12 deep breaths in and out, and then makes the next five repetitions. the whole thing up with five sets, and most importantly, to failure it is only at the last, so the fifth sentence.

Can you manage 5 × 5 so take more weight the next time and then makes eg. 5,5,5,4,3 repetitions. The next time you workout you’re trying to make that same weight again to 5,5,5,5,5 WH and thereafter provide increased again. Pulls the whole time 5-6 weeks, so you can get your strength increase well and your chest muscles will grow!

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