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Abs: the way to a flat belly

Our belly shape is determined by our abdominals. If relax this reduce the tension of the muscles that is also visible on the outside. A flat stomach need to work out, but of course does not any! We will show you some simple but effective daily exercises to help you get your abdominal muscles back under control.abs

A small anatomical introduction

The abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis) consist of four muscle groups:

Straight abdominis muscle (Musculus Rectus Abdominis)
External oblique abdominal muscle (Musculus obliquus externus abdominis)
Internal oblique abdominal muscle (Musculus obliquus internus abdominis)
Transverse abdominal muscle (Musculus transversus abdominis)

The straight and the obliques are responsible for the inclination of the hull, i.e., are responsible of the proximity between upper body and lower limbs. In bilateral contraction the torso bends forward (it is supports straight abdominal muscle).
All three muscles play an important role for posture and serving head, shoulders and arms. These three muscle groups are utilized for all classic abdominal exercises.
But especially the transverse abdominal muscle is responsible for a flat stomach.

Three simple exercises

1. To strengthen the muscles:

Starting position: Lie on your back with your legs are dressed in a 90 ° angle and are on the ground, hands on the right and left to the head at the temples.
Exercise: Lift your shoulders and the upper back on to the head and chest as far as possible be aligned with the knees. Inhale while raising the upper body and at weaning.
Repeat the exercise 15 times. It forms the deepest layer of all abdominal muscles and is completely concealed by the obliques. The fibers of the transverse abdominal muscles run from the straight abdominal muscles to the pelvis. The transverse abdominal muscle formed along with the obliques the waist and cooperates with the other abdominal muscles at the erection of the pelvis. The transverse abdominus is, among others, partially abdominal muscle.

2. For a narrower waist:

Starting position: Stand with legs slightly bent, stomach pulled in and your back straight (attention swayback!).
Exercise: Place both hands on his shoulders. Stretch your right arm up and then bend it over her head to the left so you can feel in the right waist side a slight pull. Inhale while. Align up again and exhale it. Repeat the same procedure with the left arm.
Repeat the exercise 20 times.

3. The abdominals forms:

Starting position: Lie on your stomach, your forearms are an extension of the body bent at chest level on the floor.
Exercise: Lift the body of by relying only on your toes and forearms. Tension here at the bottom and pull in his stomach, so that legs, head and back form a single line. Hold the position for a few moments.


The abdominal muscles are connected to the back. Therefore, can cause lumbar pain faulty execution of the exercises. To get a flat belly may get the muscles the way not be trained on “volume”: they should be stretched! To unpleasant side effects must be avoided.
In carrying out the exercises certain basic rules are observed:

  • Pull the belly before and during exercise and loosen the muscles only after the end of exercise.
  • Never disconnect your feet under a bed, on a wall bars or abdominal board firmly.
  • Do not perform exercises with your legs in thigh-torso angle open. Are absolutely forbidden “scissors” and “cycling”.
  • Put your hands on your shoulders or cross your arms across his chest – never behind your head: This position leads to tension in the cervical spine.
  • Block to bring your breathing: Breathe in during exertion (angling of the hull) gently through your mouth and in the expansion phase.

In Everyday Life

1. Correct breathing:
The abdominal breathing exercising the abdominals as well as gymnastic exercises. The advantage: You can use this simple exercise to perform in all sorts of everyday situations (when walking, if you wait for the bus, between two meetings, …). How it works: You stand up straight, feet flat on the floor, knees slightly bent and the butt muscles tense. Now it’s back shoulders, raise head and look forward. Breathe in slowly through your nose by inflating the abdomen. Breathe then out through your mouth while pulling your belly round without a back.

2. Belly move:
The abdominal muscles are used to support the body and maintain. In this capacity, they come at practically every daily movement used. Use to work specifically on your abdominal muscles these opportunities. For example, drag the gleaning of an object first the belly before you bend a knee. The same principle applies when you get up: First remove the abdomen and align yourself with the help of your leg muscles without bending forward.

3. Back Relief:

In order to avoid a relaxation of the abdominal muscles, it is fundamentally: shoulders back. Keep yourself always as upright as possible, which supports the strengthening of the abdominal muscles.

Suitable sports

The abs are claimed in all sports. Regular exercise training of any kind, thus helping to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

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