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A spotter for increased muscle growth!

Especially in the bench press, squats, or generally when playing sports, a spotter, this is a person who helps you when you are about to muscular failure, be very helpful. Without spotter it can often lead to embarrassing incidents when, for example, the bench press the weight does not buy high and one among them is like a mouse in a mousetrap!

So my tip: Look out for a spotter, which can be a friend, or even a random person in the studio. However, this should only intervene if you’re about not being able to move the weight. A light exposure and lead to an end of the last repetition can also strengthen the muscle stimulus and thus provide more muscle growth!

Your six pack abs for the summer!

The bad news first, who has quite a lot of fat on the belly and he thinks he can still get a six pack, I have to disappoint unfortunately. Belly fat to build from only and exclusively through proper nutrition, ie a diet! But, who is relatively thin and does not have a six pack, may well achieve with hard training until midsummer lot.

So my tip: Always do after your workout 4-6 sets of abdominal exercises in the number of repetitions of 10-12. It should burn properly, and if you can you in 4-5 weeks might earn you richitig purely hang still visible success!

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