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A fleet ball slide with Boule and Boccia

The simple games are often the most exciting. Boule and Boccia can be played almost anywhere. A flat surface and a few balls, you’re set. The rules are simple, and anyone can join – whether young or old, sporty or unsportsmanlike. Nevertheless, to play on the boules court in the fight to be close to the “pig” is often true dramas. Because the device completely from the view, that the movement in the fresh air is healthy, why Hippocrates the game recommended. Read more about the history and the varieties of Pétanque on Bowls up to Bosseln.Boule and Boccia

History: ball games among the Greeks and Romans

Ball games seem to have fascinated mankind for a long time. Corresponding drawings have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. The Greek physician Hippocrates recommended the game as a healthy treat. And the Roman emperor Augustus said to have been an avid fan of Boccia. First we used natural spheres such as Coconuts, then carved from wood, later of metal and shaped today also plastic.

Quite simple rules

The rules are similar over time and regions. With your balls, the player need a certain goal as closely as possible to meet. As the target is used today usually have a small wooden ball, the Pétanque “cochonnette” (little pig) is bocce “pallino”. Pétanque and bocce are played on defined surfaces. Other variants have the players throw and/or move over a wide area as the Cross-bocce.

Is mostly played in two groups of two or more players. It usually wins the group, its balls to the end closest to the Jack. The exact rules of how the game runs and how will be counted, however, differ in the various game types.

Variety of ball sports

Boule play but the French, but what is Pétanque? And Boccia is the garden playing with plastic balls – or? The terms for different ball games, there is a lively jumble. Here are explained the most important variations.

Boule is simply “ball” in French and is now mostly used as a collective term for various ball sports. This means that in France numerous regional varieties referred to, especially the native of Lyon Boule Lyonnaise. For this, the Jeu Provençal has developed. Both are played with a little more sporty start on larger playfields.

There are for example, the Boule-en-Bois from Belgium with cut-out handles for the thumb or boules-de-Fort from the French province of Anjou, with asymmetric balls in a trough is played. What in Germany called a classic French Boule, called the French Pétanque.

Pétanque denotes a widespread, rather quieter Boule variant that has emerged from Boule Lyonnaise and Jeu Provençal. In the French town of La Ciotat near Marseilles a walking impairments Boule player to have begun to throw his balls sitting on a bench. So Pétanque is played until today in a small pitch. Throw or lay their balls with feet of a discharge circuit of the players. Hence the name Pétanque, derived from “pieds Tanques”, which means as much as “held together feet”.

Boccia is the Italian version of the ball game. The Roman Emperor Augustus is said to have played with enthusiasm bocce. Well over a thousand years later, the German post-war Chancellor Konrad Adenauer did it after him, and made so popular in Germany bocce. The rules are similar to bocce boules rules. The target ball called in Italy “pallino”. The game is played on a demarcated with wood planar sheet.

In addition, still exists the recreational bocce in which the player with water-filled plastic balls on the grass trying to come as close as possible to the target ball.

Bowls is from United Kingdom, and is on a large rectangular lawn, the Green played. Surrounded is the Green from a gutter and a higher band. With flattened and thereby the arc running balls (bowls), players aim to the target ball, the “Jack” or “Kitty” is here. The player throwing from a mat.

Bosseln, also called klootschieten is operated as a traditional sports and leisure activities, especially in northern Germany, but also in the Netherlands and Ireland. It is important to throw the Kloot as far as possible. Thus the player lay back on fields or roads longer distances by throwing again respectively from the last landing site. Partially also predetermined routes with as few throws have to be overcome. While formerly probably thrown with lumps of clay, come today, depending on region and variety wooden balls, rubber or plastic, some with metal core for use.

Cross-Boccia  or Cross-Boule called a relatively new development in which is thrown with granulate-filled foam balls. So you can play on any terrain whether. In the apartment, in the city center, on stairs or uneven terrain Because the soft balls lie everywhere and damage anything. There are even glowing balls, with whom you can play at night.

Recreational fun or competitive sport

The nice thing about the ball games is that everyone can exercise according to your mood. Just as with family or friends in the garden or in the park, some controlled in the team or as a precision sport with tournaments and competitions to world championships. Try it, but just once.

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