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5 myths about women and bodybuilding!

In bodybuilding, there are a lot of myths. It is probably even the sport with the most myths at all. women and bodybuilding!

In this article I would like to address the issue of women and bodybuilding. Here I would like to clarify that myths are absolute nonsense and how women should handle the bodybuilding and muscle building.

Myth 1: Women grow as fast muscles like men

How most can probably think this statement is not true at all. Why can not quickly and pronounced build muscle women? This is the male sex hormone, testosterone. Women hold only a fraction of the male portion of this hormone. Testosterone is primarily responsible for building muscle. Since women have only a relatively small proportion, they are not able to quickly and build a lot of muscle mass.


Those women who are often seen with muscle mass on TV, external male hormones lead to themselves, which means that they can result in build much muscle, but emulate what with the natural potential of the woman nothing more!

Myth 2: A flat stomach is obtained by ab training

A very common misconception is that you can also degrade by training a specific muscle game there bold. The body fat can only be achieved through a calorie deficit. The abdominal training is usually counterproductive for their own purpose. Very often we see the trained habits of abdominal muscles, because there is still a small layer of fat there. A training of the abdominal muscles would only lead at this stage that the fat layer is pressed over her stomach even further out. If you want to make his abs visible, this only works on the corresponding nutrition (diet).

Myth 3: By chest workout, female breast reduced

Stubbornly holding the opinion that when women bodybuilding operate specifically reduced by chest training the female breast. The first thing to know that the female breast is made up largely of fatty tissue. This is perfectly natural and also by nature so willed. Through an intensive workouts a calorie deficit can be achieved, which then breaks down fatty tissue. This can lead to a reduction of the breast. But that training can have the positive effect of breast lift, which naturally increases the aesthetic. Not chest training and bodybuilding in itself leads to a reduction in the chest, but the general weight loss can also be caused by running or other sports. Also could be forced out through the built-up muscles under the breast tissue chest. Not to mention a sports bra, in addition this protects the chest during training and should be worn at any sporting activity.

Myth 4: A tight and laps butt is obtained only through much endurance training

The endurance training has many good properties on the body. The heart muscle becomes stronger and you stick gnerell fit and healthy. A round butt, however, has endurance training does not directly result. This goal can be above all by a good leg and butt training reach. It is best to offer the exercises squats and leg press. Thus, the gluteus maximus is very well trained. This is firmer and with gain of muscle mass he also gets the typical round shape and less flabby.
Therefore: Is your goal a crisp bottom, so you should as a woman bodybuilding prefer running training.

Myth 5: Women need to train differently than men

This is complete nonsense. Of course, a woman can not move the weight of men, but the woman has to just go to their physical limits to set the appeal of the muscles. A targeted strength training weight machines or free-weight area should for women include repays it. This is often sadly neglected because they think women are equal to the stature of a man accept. This is described in Myth 1 did not happen.

All dream body from journals not caused by loose endurance training on the stepper – no you achieve this only with a proper strength training combined with endurance training. Just look at this once the training of female stars to. This practice often with the “heavy” weights and have exercises like squats and bench press in their training plans. Women and Bodybuilding can therefore combine excellent!

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