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Dance Fitness

Posted by on Jul 20, 2016 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

Sport is healthy, but not everyone makes it fun, chasing a ball or to torment the workout. Anyone who loves hot rhythms and feel free in move, it should have going at dance fitness: Zumba, belly dancing and Capoeira fun, by the way you will fit and melt the pounds. Zumba is suitable with its simple rhythmic movements equally suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. Belly Dance provides a sensory discovery of one’s body and Capoeira fascinated with supple-powerful acrobatic elements. Zumba: hot Latino aerobics mix Thrilling Latin rhythms and easy aerobic steps make up the recipe for success that brings Zumba for everyone. Good: you do not even have to be able to dance Joy of music and movement are perfectly adequate. Joy music and motor will be enough. Zumba was developed by the Colombian dancer and...

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10 most common running mistakes

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

More and more people are discovering that running and jogging through woods and fields, through parks and meadows as an ideal fitness activity. It is often said, anyone can run. Is that correct? What should observe for beginners? Here are the 10 most common running mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Run too fast Especially beginners often run too fast and began to limp after a short time. Start run slow and easy as possible for 20 minutes. If you can not more, then stop. When running, you should still be able to chat easily and not gasp. Then you exercise in the aerobic zone where optimal fat is burned. 2. Breathe quickly Many runners breathe too fast. Best quiet one through your nose and exhale through the mouth. It is important to pay attention to the expiration....

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Aqua Fitness

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

In many health studios offered prevention courses and health courses Aqua Fitness. Under Aqua Fitness is meant targeted gymnastics in well-tempered water. You train here “without wear”, that is, in the wet element exercises such as jogging, quilting and walking is a distinct advantage: your own body weight remains afloat, the joints are almost not claimed. The muscles have to do more work, more, because every movement receive a considerably larger resistance of the air. All muscle groups of the body are claimed and demanded. The range of movement will be extended and the energy consumption is increased. Optimal for the implementation of Aqua Fitness is, warmed to about 33 ° to 35 ° degrees basin, which is slightly chamfered in order to meet the different body sizes. Participants should all stand up to your shoulders in water. When...

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Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

Water is one of the five elements of life – almost every child learns to swim today. Movement in the water is a fascination for most people. Swimming is next to the bike ride with one of the most popular sports. In recent years there have been many popular sports, but swimming remains as a primal need of man. If you’ve learned it, you have mastered it at all your life. What advantages does the swim? Fitness improvement – Contact Promotion – calorie consumption While swimming you get to know new people, so it promotes the community. Likewise, the health condition where appropriate, can be recovered by swimming. Ideal swimming is for everyone. Whether you are starting out to be loose leisure fun and romping in the water. Whether one now and then hangs out as casual recreational fun...

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Nordic Walking

Posted by on Jul 10, 2016 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

Nordic Walking is a gentle and easy on the joints full body workout which is easy to learn, and can be operated by anyone throughout the year in the fresh air. Children and young people can practice this sport, since they are not “forced” into postures, but the movement is natural. Muscles: Approximately 600 of the 656 muscles in the body are stressed. Especially it is promoted the upright posture in combination with the shoulder muscles and pelvic leg muscles. Importantly, however, is to learn the technique of proper Walken, because only then can unfold the beneficial effect of flexing. The Nordic walking trainer (instructor, doctor or physiotherapist) should have a good Nordic Walking training and sufficient trainer experience. So you can assume that Nordic Walking is also learned properly. Important after Walken are stretching! Here are some suggestions...

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