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Kitesurfing: lifting between waves and sky Already in the 80s were French surfers which replacing their sail by a dragon. In Mid 90s kitesurfing become popular on Hawaii. Meanwhile, surfing with a kite in Europe has developed into a popular sport. The World Cup race in June 2009 on Sylt and in July in St. Peter-Ording have made a greater public awareness of the fun sport. Kitesurfing can be the surfer with a kite, pull the kite over the water. By the momentum of the kite watersports novices itself quickly learn how it is making. How does the kitesurfing? The new fun sport comes from windsurfing. The board under your feet is much smaller and does not have a buoyancy. It can usually go in both directions. Instead of a sail of the surfer uses a stunt kite, the...

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“A canoe trip is funny …” On the boat all around the world. Silent river valleys, with water birds, animals and plants, which would otherwise remain hidden. Wild routes demand the muscles and skill. Or the open sea with waves, wind and sea spray. Sporty, sociable or quiet – hand at canoeing, everyone can find a suitable tour. However, they should be tailored to their own abilities. Basic are a life jacket and packed waterproof equipment. To protect the environment and for your own safety important rules must be observed. Canoeing, kayaking and Canadians When keyword canoeing, most immediately think of the classical Indian boats. But Kanu is actually an umbrella term for all boats that are paddled facing forward. The boat of the Indians is named after its place of origin Canadians. In this open boat everyone is...

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High Ropes Course

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Sports experience: climbing and high ropes courses Climb to a hard-to- reach peaks is the greatest happiness for some. Increasingly popular are high ropes courses as an adventure trip for families, school classes and fellow teams. Climbing is not only an exciting fun, it also strengthens the entire body. So that the joy remains unclouded, safety rules should be strictly observed. A thorough briefing is essential for climbing beginners. Exercising for the whole body The Climbing strengthen the body and mind. Climbing requires strength, dexterity and concentration. There are strengthened all postural muscles. In addition to the back, shoulder and arm muscles Hands and fingers are particularly involved. At a heavy load on the legs will also be used the gluteal muscles. No wonder that climbing consumes abundant energy. A female climber weighing 65 kg burns in one hour...

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Canyoning – adventurous with passing through gorges Canyoning is still a relatively new mountain sport, which came from France, Italy and Spain. On foot, you are going through the bizarre world of canyons and valleys. Secured with belt and rope you are crossing waterfalls. Washed canyons offer themselves as natural slides. Overpassing mountains in small groups you get a different exciting experience. Sports and fearless follow canyons fans but did not go very far. With all fun must not be neglected safety and environmental protection. Thrills and spills: The canyoning trip Well equipped with wetsuit, helmet and rope start in a washed out of rivers and meltwater canyon. In addition you climb up high, partly on very smoothly polished stone slabs. For adventure you go through другой incredible world. You never know exactly what to expect around the next...

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Fitness in three-four time Fitness need not be hard work, but can be fun. While dancing the gushing happiness hormones, by the way, it tones the body and makes a good figure. The sweeping movement even holds her head fit and protects against dementia. Good: anyone can learn to dance at any age. Thanks to the huge selection you will find guaranteed your favorite style. Who is dancing in a bar near the pylon or loves to dance at weddings: dancing to the music is a sensual pleasure that pays – with a better body feeling and clever heads. Swing for more inspiration Music is the key: in sports, it helps you stay motivated, rhythm and fun. In Rumba, reggae or rock’n’roll melting one or two pounds. An hour dancing burned, depending on the intensity between 200 to 500...

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