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Healthy Packed Lunch: food at school

Posted by on Apr 30, 2016 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Who wants to be powerful and fit in at school, need a healthy breakfast. Because after the nightly resting phase, the energy accumulators are empty. The morning meal the children start well nourished and receptive to school. After ten o’clock performance curve drops again. Now a quick snack provides power for more lessons. Also drinks are important because the brain consists of 85% water and should always be properly hydrated. Breakfast provides important nutrients The breakfast should contain plenty of carbohydrates with a high proportion of whole grains. Depending on the preferences of the child can be the bread or muesli. Milk or yogurt provide protein and calcium for healthy bones. It is best to choose low-fat versions to prevent obesity. Also fresh fruit or dried fruit and nuts are a great supplement for a healthy breakfast. To drink,...

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Food at school: Healthy for your child

Posted by on Apr 28, 2016 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

While some children, still have the holidays, another again soon goes to school. Some are really excited and looking forward to their first day at school. Who want to be fit and would like to get good grades in the school need to eat right. We give you tips on how optimal to look after for morning of your school child. The common breakfast So that children have enough energy for learning, they must eat properly breakfast before going to school. Because after the sleep break, the energy and nutrient storage is largely empty. Try to get up in time to allow enough time for the common breakfast stays. Thus the beginning of the day all family members will be calm and fit. If the time sometimes scarce, children should drink at least a glass of milk or fruit...

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Baby nutrition in the first months

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

When the baby be born, begins an exciting time for parents. Besides the joy new mothers and fathers are often disappear, especially when it comes to the baby nutrition. Which milk is the right one? How to prevent allergies? Which porridge at what time? Should I cook the food for the baby themselves or prefer to buy ready-made meal? For infants in the first year, there is fortunately a simple eating plan. And if – as often happens in life – not everything goes smoothly, support numerous tips and offers of assistance, and then your baby will be healthy. Proper milk for the newborn In the first four to six months breast milk is the perfect food for babies. Breast milk is perfectly composed, protects against allergies and strengthens the immune system. But who can not breastfeed, need not despair....

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Lean and healthy with light products?

Posted by on Apr 24, 2016 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Gleefully feasting and still be lean or even lose weight? Light products promise pleasure without remorse. They contain fewer calories, sugar or fat and are offered as alternatives to high-calorie foods, such as Chips, cheese, sausage, cereal or margarine. But is light foods really help to save energy and decrease? We explain what terms like “light” or “low fat” and what to look for when choosing “light” foods. Light does not always mean fewer calories For light products an ingredient by 30% must be reduced – usually this is sugar, fat or calories. Since only the content must be reduced to an ingredient by 30%, “light” does not necessarily mean fewer calories. If, for example, reduced the amount of sugar in a light product, still more fat may be contained as the conventional product. And even if the light...

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Lenten fast – What is it?

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Lenten fast is a period of reflection and conscious decision for many people. Fasting helps attentive perceive our food intake and to break old habits. If the pound fell getting better. Besides it purifies the soul, cleanse the skin and improves digestion. Also in diseases such as rheumatism, hypertension, diabetes and allergies fasting should have a positive effect. But is it really great, nothing to eat? What happens in the body? Read some tips on how to fast healthy and effective. Lack of food, medicines, or religious ritual Fasting is as old as humanity itself. Often enough, however, it the lack of food, forcing the people to fast. But many religions from time immemorial write about fasts as a rituals of purification. For health reasons, fasting recommend healers like Hildegard von Bingen, Paracelsus or Father Kneipp. Already around 400 B.C.,...

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