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10 gift ideas for fitness and sports enthusiasts

Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

What I give for Christmas? The closer the Christmas time approaches, the more frequently do you imagine yourself probably this question. If your boyfriend or your girlfriend sports fan, you have it this year pretty easy with the best gift, because I’ll put in this Article 10 Gift Ideas before that guarantees each let athlete’s heart beat faster! Whether endurance athletes, CrossFitters or Bodybuilder, the right fitness equipment gives every sports enthusiasts for glowing eyes. Therefore, support the active lifestyle and also teach your gift of it! The following 10 fitness products to help you the right gift for Christmas to find and prepare someone fun with it … 1. Stylish SmartWatch, the Samsung Gear Fit It not only looks sporty and classy, they can also help to support the active lifestyle of an athlete. The Samsung Gear Fit...

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Stretch Marks – 6 Tips to prevent and treat

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Almost every power athlete who trains hard and gaining muscle will discover sooner or later stretch marks in his skin. Usually they are found stretch marks on the upper arm, under the arms or on the chest muscle. Learn in this article what exactly are stretch marks, what options are available to prevent stretch marks and how you can treat it. Stretch marks, the doctor also called striae cutis, are reddish or bluish cracks in the skin. They can be found on the stomach, chest, thighs and upper arms. Stretch marks are often arranged in parallel. Between them are elongated strips of healthy skin. Stretch marks are usually several centimeters long and can be up to two inches wide. If you stroking fingers over them feel slightly recessed and often irregular in. Hair, sebaceous or sweat glands are found...

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The 5 best protein snacks!

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Protein Snacks can you help your protein needs throughout the day to cover. Tasty protein snacks can be taken anywhere and are usually assembled very quickly. Here I am talking about cold meals, is the relative fast sometimes can in between compile and provide you high quality protein for your muscle building. 5 high protein snacks for increased muscle growth! The below mentioned list is my Top 5 if you are in a fast and no stove in the vicinity. The important thing here is always that there are high quality proteins that the body well in muscle convert can. Between meals also have the advantage that they provide your muscles at all times sufficient to proteins, avoid food cravings and can provide energy for the day you constantly. 5th place: Tuna with salad Some love it others hate...

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Delicious protein bar make yourself!

Posted by on Feb 20, 2016 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Are you looking for a high protein, healthy and above all delicious protein bar which you can do yourself? Then you are exactly right! In this article you’ll find a delicious recipe for you your own protein bar can quickly and easily make your own. What is required? Ingredients: 250g oatmeal 120g Whey Protein 30g almonds 40g raisins 10g cinnamon 50g peanut butter 30g honey 300ml skimmed milk 30g applesauce 30g dark chocolate 70% Preparation You brauchts two bowls, in a bowl of oatmeal you give 250g, 120g Whey Protein, 30g almonds, 40g raisins and a spoonful of cinnamon. Thereafter, the whole mix. In the second bowl you now give 50g peanut butter, honey 30g, 30ml skimmed milk, 30g and 30g dark chocolate apple sauce. Then the whole thing for 30 seconds into the microwave. After 30 seconds immediately...

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Fitness Recipe: Low-Fat Chicken Wrap protein

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Whether in summer on the barbecue or as a delicious dinner, the Chicken Wrap protein is a protein and low-fat meal for everyone. This Fitness recipe is low in calories and prepares particularly in the preparation of fun! Ingredients List Salad – 5g 2 slices low fat Gouda – 30g Chili sauce – 15ml Tomatoes – 5g Turkey – 50g Wholemeal wrap – 40g Nutrition Facts Protein: 24.7 g Carbohydrates: 24,1g bold 5.4 Calories: 250.4 Kcal Preparation The preparation is really very easy and your creativity here made no limits! The turkey or chicken roasting on grill or in the pan and season with a little salt and pepper before. In the next step, the meat is cut into strips and then we already begin to assign the wraps. The best way to confront the wrap as a clock...

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