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Is it healthy to eat canned and frozen food?

Posted by on Jun 23, 2015 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Fruits and vegetables provides a wealth of valuable nutrients. Not for nothing, the Europe Nutrition Society recommends to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. The colorful energizer provide us with essential vitamins, many minerals, phytochemicals and fiber. In addition, most fruits are low in fat, no cholesterol and protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease. But not always fruits and vegetables are purchased fresh. Is canned and frozen food, it a healthy alternative? Canned – poor in nutrients and vitamins? For the production of canned vegetables, use a stainless raw materials, only fresh fruit and vegetables, processed immediately after harvest. After washing and crushing them bleached products to inaktivirovat enzymes that give vegetables ripen further. Then follows the preservation. Depending on the manufacturing process, a distinction is full canned and pickled. Typical fully preserved example beans, peas and...

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Jogging – the most important element is the running shoes!

Posted by on Jun 21, 2015 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

In the evening after work for a run is not only healthy for a strong heart, it also soothes the soul and can be exercised at any time of year. Jogging is long gone a pure training in order to increase their endurance – running is a lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to be ready with the right equipment every time! The main training device while jogging is the running shoes! As the title of this post suggests, running shoes are the most important part of the equipment of a runner. Jogging itself is an important part of training for athletes who have slimming goal. Sense of jogging should not be to burn as many calories in a workout. Rather, it is how to build muscle through strength training also to increase the basal metabolic rate. In addition to...

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Healthy vegetables: vitamins and minerals in vegetables

Posted by on Jun 20, 2015 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Everyone knows the fruits and vegetables it is healthy. These various plant foods have few calories, but contain many nutrients. At the same time they deliver digestive fiber and healthy phytochemicals that act partly as medicine. Extremely nutritious fruits are so-called “superfruits”. But even among the vegetables, there are real highlights, which is even more nutritious than others. Find out what the health-promoting leaders distinguished. In terms of nutrients hard to beat: kale If it were up to the health value, kale should really be on the menu every week. Hardly any other vegetable is so rich in essential nutrients. Even a small portion of 100 g covers our daily requirement of vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A or beta-carotene. In addition, it provides about half of the required daily norm of folic acid. In addition, large amounts...

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Happy vegetarian: Apps for vegetarians and vegans

Posted by on Jun 19, 2015 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Who eats vegetarian or vegan food, it has not always easy in everyday life. This begins with the selection in the supermarket: many products contain animal substances, which are not obvious at first glance. Especially beginners are wondering how to cook creative and delicious meal without meat or animal products. Often long looking good vegetarian restaurants. As special offer Apps diverse aids. We give a brief overview and present some practical small programs for smartphones and tablet computers. Find vegan foods and products In the supermarket or in the health food store near the shelves many bemused vegetarians or vegans: which products are guaranteed free of animal materials? That’s not always easy to recognize on the basis of the ingredient list. The app PETA2 Vegan Guide was developed especially for vegans. In their alphabetically by brand lists you can...

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Do we need a warm meal a day?

Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in Advice, Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Raw food is healthy. Previously, it was that man should take every day at least one warm meal. On the other hand during the cooking destroyed some important nutrients. Therefore, is another recommendation: eat as much raw food. Yes, what now? Is pure raw food diet ideal to provide the body with fresh vitamins and nutrients? Or we lack something, when we eat anything warm? We explain the advantages and disadvantages of raw and cooked foods. Raw foodists eating natural and fresh What does raw food nutrition? Only strict raw foodists eat that are not heated. They feed mainly on plant foods like fruits and vegetables, herbs and sprouts, grains, legumes and nuts. Also honey and cold-pressed oils are widely accepted. Some raw foodists are strict vegans, so they eat only plant-based foods. Others vegetarians eat dairy products and...

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