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Six pack theory

Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

Every man wants that every woman finds it attractive. The six pack. The six pack abs. But what must happen, so that the racoon abdomen becomes to six pack abs? This is determined by 3 factors. The genetics, the size of the muscles and the body fat content. 1. The Genetics Not every six-pack looks the same. In some people, you can rather speak about a four-pack, because on the lower abs shape is simply not enough. Likewise, there is also, though rarely, the eight-pack. Then the lower abs divided once again. Genetics also determines if the Pack is balanced, so that the left side looks exactly like the right. It can also be that a sides looks completely different. Also the photo here in the post shows a slightly unbalanced abdominal muscles. 2. The Body Fat Content So...

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No more progress? 5 Strategies to overcome stagnation in muscle building

Posted by on Apr 28, 2015 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

In bodybuilding, it is like in life, it’s not always uphill are waiting setbacks, obstacles and disappointments. And even those who exercised regularly and with a lot of ambition, may one day find that the muscles still do not want to grow and remain at a certain level. But fortunately there are best ways and means to overcome these training plateaus and quickly return back on the winning track back. How can training plateaus and stagnation arise? First of all you should know, however, how such a stagnation ever comes and causing training plateaus. There are four main reasons for declining muscle growth, which in some cases are linked. The one hand, a poor diet prevent progress. For example, when is added to enough food to meet the daily needs for energy, no energy can be used to build...

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Fitness training – 5 sports for more endurance strength training

Posted by on Apr 25, 2015 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

Muscle building training has undoubtedly many positive effects on our body, it acts by short and intensive units, for example, but not sufficiently beneficial to the cardiovascular system and thus on our condition. Learn in this article why it is also important condition in addition to strength training to build and what sports are most suitable to!   Why should operate balancing sports bodybuilding and what are its advantages? The heart is the engine of every life. Unfortunately, bodybuilding has no optimal effect calculated on the heart muscle, and our condition. In order to develop a healthy, resilient and strong body in every way, an adequate cardiovascular training is necessary. Adequate means: Without overloading, and with a reasonable training plan. No one should start a fitness training with a 10-kilometer endurance, but that’s what happens over and over again....

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Incorrect exercises in the gym

Posted by on Apr 24, 2015 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

A gentleman whom I train and see, is the reason for today’s article. He does almost everything wrong. He do incorrect exercises. What now follows is a training session, as I have observed and how they have nobody to imitate. To the beginning of his training charged the Lord of the barbell on the rack with about 60kg. Not to squat or deadlift, but… for biceps curls. The execution was not to see. He makes the rod so far down until the arms get to a form 90 degree angle, and then not using the biceps, but his whole body to put the weight and back heave up. The whole 3(!) error at once. The rack is to be used anything other than squats or deadlifts. It exists only for these exercises. For biceps curls there are plenty of...

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Equipment or weight training – which build muscle faster?

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

Can biceps curls home with expensive dumbbells be equally effective, than expensive biceps machine like this here? In this article we focus on the question whether the exercise in free weights effectively is or not, but the many modern and very expensive devices have a better effect on the muscle have? What more effectively equipment or weight training? The views are very different when it comes to the question? Weight training or equipment training Some pro and con arguments with coaches and many strength athletes are: Only the weight training can all affected muscle groups and stimulate evenly in appropriate proportion to each other. Machine to act specifically on individual muscles, which stimulated overall proportions take damage. The speed at which muscle growth in machinery could be achieved is limited. The training with free weights has a greater risk...

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