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Movement against fatigue

Posted by on Mar 24, 2015 in Advice | 0 comments

Get up, spring is begin: tips for fatigue for the whole family Bit by bit, the days get longer and the temperatures climb above the freezing point. Soon we can again run around in t-shirt barefoot across meadows. Movement in a bright days is not only fun, but also prevents fatigue before the summer. Under the influence of light the reserve of the “feel-good hormone” serotonin which was emptied into the dark winter months to be replenished. Exercise in the fresh air counteracts the passive lifestyle. Young people in Europe as a whole too much sit: on average about 9 hours per day, ie 70 percent of their waking hours. The energy consumption while sitting is almost as low as the energy consumption while sleeping. In addition to general inactivity long periods of sitting constitute an additional risk for...

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Motivation for training despite the bad mood!

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 in Advice | 0 comments

Just recently I had such a day, it was Sunday morning and I was already on the wrong foot. Throughout the day, I felt physically and mentally not particularly fit, I can not be bothered to do anything and my motivation for training was nil. In the evening my back, biceps training stood alone at the thought of my training schedule meant that I wanted to stay in my bed at home. You know this situation? The following trick helped me anyway to go into training: These days it has from time to time, but the worst thing you can do is to cancel your training! Try the following, remember your training plan, forget the heavy hatred exercises pending today. Today is the day where you train only what you have Bock. Grab your headphones ahead and grab a...

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Fish oil capsules and Omega 3 – advantages in bodybuilding

Posted by on Mar 20, 2015 in Advice | 0 comments

In a recent study, the positive effect of fish oil was confirmed once again. This is especially two significant advantages turned out that brings the fish oil with them: The first is the muscle building effect the fish oil-induced insulin increase in protein synthesis has, which means nothing else than that amino acids can be used for building muscle better. On the other hand, a anti-catabolic effect by reducing the cortisol level was found. Especially useful are fish oil capsules also in a diet. During this time, little fat is usually already supplied, therefore it is more important to provide the body with omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids have a diet the advantage that they protect the muscle against muscle degradation and can have a positive effect on the basic wellbeing. We recommend 2-4 grams of...

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The problem with creatine and caffeine together

Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 in Advice | 0 comments

So, for example, coffee does creatine along with caffeine, an interaction? If so which ones? For many coffee connoisseurs I have in this article unfortunately bad news: according to a Belgian study, the PERMANENT consumption of creatine and caffeine cancel the effect of creatine in its entirety. So all using creatine, should avoid coffee at this time! BUT According to a Japanese study, caffeine can in rare revenue in the period in which they supplemented creatine cause the body increases the creatine storage used and it can achieve a peak performance. So you can increase its power again. To explain Caffeine triggers muscle in a stressful situation, characterized the body’s ATP (creatine) tries to use everything possible for energy also increases memory. My recommendation During a creatine supplementation take once a week 300mg caffeine half an hour before training. The effect:...

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Amino acids during exercise

Posted by on Mar 15, 2015 in Advice | 0 comments

In the stomach, our body splits proteins into amino acids on, which in turn can then only be opened and used by the muscle cells. Therefore, amino acids make sense, just because they are already split and this is why our body can absorb and use very quickly. During exercise, our body not only burns glucose, lipids, amino acids but rather that attacks our muscles. That we do not want and so my tip: If you want to drink amino acids during exercise. This protects your muscles and provides them with important building blocks that your muscles during training need. Just put in a water bottle and drink during exercise. In my opinion, amino acids make even during training sense, since they are also included numerous in the post-workout shake. I myself now and the Amino X by BSN...

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