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2 kilos away with the Weekend Diet: Nonsense or feasible?

Bye-bye annoying two kilos that are spreading since Christmas on the belly! With the Weekend diet extra weight should finally disappear. But is the diet keeps what it promises?Weekend Diet

How the Weekend Diet works

Does not exist one Weekend diet. There are different versions. However all of them have that on the two days you must to eat very little. Ideally, a maximum of 900 kcal. In order to be reasonably satisfied with it, on the agenda is a lot of vegetables.

Often diet plans for the weekend diet begin with a light breakfast of lean yoghurt, fruit and three tablespoons of oatmeal. Lunch comes with a vegetable stir-fry chicken on the plate and in the evening a big salad. As snacks in between there are fruit and cottage cheese. And so the metabolism is stimulated plenty of water and herbal tea – natural unsweetened.

Some Weekend diets also focus on detox and recommend to dispense entirely with solid foods and only eating soup and drinking plenty of fluids. Thus, the pounds are falling even faster.

The Weekend diet in practice-check

At first glance the weekend diet looks like the solution to all our problems diet. Finally, we have the weekend more time than during the week, when the everyday our good intentions constantly gets in the way. However, in practice it is often the case that the weekends are fully planned. Here a dinner invitation because a party or drinking coffee in the relationship. Not really diet compatible …

Often one wants to be on the weekend sometimes treat ourselves, recover from the rest of the week and not be counting calories and hungry all day.

This may be the weekend diet

Those who manage, despite the difficult conditions, endure a weekend diet, which is rewarded in the end probably. Whether it really be two kilos, depends, but a kilo should be gone – but not permanent.

To really lose a kilogram of lean, you have to save 7000 calories, it does not work for two days. Say, you lose primarily water. So fast you can not look like that’s it again!

Therefore our tip for you: stay away from a weekend diet. Enjoy prefer the days off, relax and make your diet to gradually. Make it a practice to cook fresh and with lots of vegetables. Leave Fast Food and sweets behind and go to the sport regularly. On the way, you can allow yourself one or the other chocolate bar or Burger but only sometimes and in a small quantities

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