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10 reasons why you build no muscles!

You for months or even years before train at the gym, but your appearance hardly changes? From your point of view you have to do everything right, but you have no muscles?  no muscles!
Many bodybuilders make unconscious many mistakes. Avoid these 10 mistakes and you will build muscle guaranteed!

Why are other more successful than me?

Have you ever asked this question? Personally, I ask myself that question all the time.

My answer is almost always the same: these people simply make more correct than I!

Successful athletes are focused not only dull on their training, they also pay attention to a lot of other small things in everyday training that allows them to be more successful in the end.

Try the following 10 errors in your training routine as much as possible to avoid, then you’ll also among those who reach their goal and not just constantly running behind!

1. Young eat more dumplings and you will big and strong

That was the sentence that my grandma used to say to me, and I hated so much. But in the broadest sense she was right!

The diet plays in my view, in the power sports a very important role, even more than the training. It does not necessarily have to be a diet plan, but at least a daily basic framework that covers the need for protein. This should be at least 2 grams per pound of body weight. Here you can find a sample plan for building muscle.

2. Training is like brushing your teeth in the morning

If you have once grabbed by the passion for motor sports, then you will quickly realize that you will go with joy in training and it is one’s for you as brushing your teeth in the morning to your life. Sure, it’s at the beginning of a real torture. The effort is new to your body and you will suffer real pain and no later than the next day, when the soreness comes.

However, with time the body adapts to the stress and you will then also no longer accept as a pain. Set fixed days a week where you take your time for your training. The training has always been a top priority, it only fails when disease! Girlfriend and friends have to stand behind. Finally, you have a goal! Are there real friends, then they will also understand it.

3. More is NOT equal more

Even though many believe the opposite, more volume does not equal more muscle. Bulk rates thus only lead to a longer recovery. Although the stimulus for muscle was already set to make my many exercisers another 5 sets and more in addition to their ego, but it is absolutely not necessary for muscle building.

4. Technology is the magic word

One could for many a specialist who makes 10 sets or more, for example, for the training bizep believe that he has an extreme load limit?

The truth is 99% that such people simply execute a miserable technique, which does not meet the target muscle. A smaller muscles such as the biceps is with me with a maximum of 5 sets with clean technology absolutely at the end.

Work therefore constantly on your technique. Let your execution of a colleague or watching you check yourself in the mirror very closely.

5. Would you build your house without a plan?

A training plan is the basis for successful muscle building, this set I can not write often enough. Wander aimlessly easy in the gym will cost you only the waste of time and puts you in the long run not before.

A professional training plan makes perfect sense. Change it regularly every few months your weekly exercises and your weights. Here you can find free and professional training plans to download!

6. Lack of passion, no motivation, motivation false

Unfortunately Incorrect motivation is often the reason why people fail. Sure, we also work for the girls, but primarily the goal should always be to realize yourself and achieve something that you have only dreamed of.

It’s better to arrive at the girls will not keep you in the long run the training, at the latest when you have a girlfriend for the muscles do not mean much.

There are also these people can be seen only in the summer in the gym because they believe they could still fast train yourself a mega sixpack. All I can say is: Please stay home! Waste of time and money. Learn in this article which can be a passion for bodybuilding.

7. What is your goal?

Where do you want to travel? Having a clear goal is important to focus not too loose. Set small goals you are also relatively easy to reach.

A good goal is to achieve up to a certain date, for example, a certain body weight. Sure, your goal is to achieve a muscular and aesthetic body, but this is your final destination and continues for years, so you need a tangible goal in the next few months.

8. I do not make mistakes!

Sometimes you really feel some people are incorrigible. They simply believe that this is what they are doing 100% right. It was a saying: You do not have to reinvent the wheel!

If you are a successful athlete a helpful hint, then take him thanks. It is not for nothing that people which afford a personal trainer to help them learn from him how it works. If someone makes you aware of your design, then questioning whether someone but this is not right. Itself, there are often blind and detects errors not as fast as someone the other.

9. Do you believe that you are strong?

Do you believe in yourself and you can lift a weight, push, pull, you’ve never done in your life?

Many athletes underestimate yourself! Do not increase their weights because they think they would not make it anyway. Muscles only grow with the progressive increase in the weights. Only those who regularly increases the weight and build muscle.

Tip: Try to calm even have to lift weights together with a training partner that you yourself do not to dare to you and be amazed what happens!

10th Not all mean well with you

You will know sooner or later people learn not to believe what you do. They will also try what do you do to speak ill, or to convince you of their opinion.

I can then give you only one piece of advice: stay strong! Let’s criticism of what you are doing just bounce off like rain from the roof! It is usually the ignorance can judge people quickly. But so-called “Hater” is always and everywhere, if I had always unsettling leave from what others believe to think that it would not give this blog her.


When muscle structure, success can only be measured over time. Only if you constantly go two steps of the ladder and only one back, you’ll end up arriving at the top. Unfortunately you will not be successful than others, if you are avoiding only one of the above error. Only if you are trying to avoid all possible, you’ll end up achieving your dream body!

In this sense, KEEP GOING!

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