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10 commandments for a healthy lifestyle and a happy, long life

There are many tips for a healthy lifestyle. We made an easy conversion and tell you the 10 most important rules that will help you in your happy life.happy life

1. Rule: You shall as often as possible to laugh heartily.

Laughter makes you happy, relaxed and simply good for the soul. Laugh as much as possible! Release your inner child!

2. Rule: You must have time for yourself.

Time think only of themselves, just do what you just really feel like: take it at least half an hour a day. Body and soul much better move.

3. Rule: You shall ensure a balanced work-life balance.

Let the work in the evening in the office. Switch and prefer your interests. To have a balanced relationship to the work is important to relax. Clear, so you earn money, but really happy you probably with friends, family, and Hobbies. Dedicate them as much time as possible.

4. Rule: You shall listen to your body.

You’re always tired: Pay attention to the signals your body sends you. Much is harmless and goes away again alone. To appreciate it properly, you need listen to your body and know how to interpret the signals. And very important: listen to him and do slow or sleeping more when it is depleted.

5. Rule: You shall live in moderation.

In moderation, everything is ok: Alcohol, fast food, sweets and chips. Enjoy your life, sinful, but make sure not to overdo it. Then it’s alright.

6. Rule: You shall spend as much time as possible in the fresh air.

Fresh air is good for the immune system, helps to relax and daylight supplies the body with vitamin D. Make therefore walks, ride my bike more often or go on foot for shopping. On weekends you should as often as possible go into nature, have a picnic or sit comfortably in the park.

7. Rule: You shall sleep enough.

Early go to bed: this is easier said than done. Attempts still at least four or five days a week for seven hours sleep. Permanent lack of sleep makes the body more susceptible to disease.

8. Rule: You should move much.

Lots of exercise keeps the weight in the normal range, helps combat stress and simply makes good mood. Search for a sport that you enjoy doing and do it several times per week. Attempts also make your everyday life as active as possible.

9. Rule: You shall pay attention to your nutrition.

Thus the body is fit and healthy, you should pay attention to your diet. Heed for a bid number 5: in moderation is permitted everything. Attempts also every day more servings of vegetables and fruits to eat, regular exchange of the white flour against the whole grain version and save on fat.

10. Rule: You shall drink enough.

Since the body throughout the day lose a lot of liquid, you should fill the reservoir quickly. Who drinks 1.5 liters of water, strengthens the immune system, is focused and fitter. Instead of water you can drink also unsweetened herbal or fruit tea.

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