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Canyoning – adventurous with passing through gorges

Canyoning is still a relatively new mountain sport, which came from France, Italy and Spain. On foot, you are going through the bizarre world of canyons and valleys. Secured with belt and rope you are crossing waterfalls. Washed canyons offer themselves as natural slides. Overpassing mountains in small groups you get a different exciting experience. Sports and fearless follow canyons fans but did not go very far. With all fun must not be neglected safety and environmental protection.Canyoning

Thrills and spills: The canyoning trip

Well equipped with wetsuit, helmet and rope start in a washed out of rivers and meltwater canyon. In addition you climb up high, partly on very smoothly polished stone slabs. For adventure you go through другой incredible world. You never know exactly what to expect around the next bend. Maybe a small Pool formed of gravel. Or a waterfall, which you need to “cross”. The lonely beauty, the excitement and the fun together in the group do the canyoning trip guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Requirements gorge walkers

Canyoning is a sport and nervous challenge. Those wishing to explore canyons in this way, should be free from giddiness and sure-footed in any case. In addition you must be able to swim well. Climbing skills are an advantage. In addition to sporting condition a portion takes courage. Once you are on the go, there is usually no turning back. Important are team spirit and confidence in the group. Usually initiates guide small groups of three to five gorge goers. Are offered tours of varying difficulty.

Training for muscles and nerves

Canyoning requires skill, technique and fitness. When roping muscles around the shoulder blade and arms are particularly stressed. At the same time support the abdominal muscles movement and helping to stabilize the body. The leg muscles are required to hold work when climbing. A good balance ensures the balance on stones and jumping. At the same time the gorges trains the mind. Some crossing foaming waterfalls or some jump may initially cost overcome. The greater the joy and pride when you have mastered the challenge.

Vital: Safety Canyoning

Canyoning carried some risk. To pay attention to security, is vital. Trust only a specially trained and experienced guides.

The potential danger of a ravine depends on the weather, the water level and also by the group. Have necessarily a look at the weather conditions. Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall require discontinuation of tour because narrow gorges with small streams into raging fast and can be dangerous traps.

Protection for the group and the environment

Do not disregard the contribution of the group to safety. Careful, considerate behavior in the team increases the fun and avoids unnecessary risks. Who is even overestimated or arbitrarily, can bring the whole group at risk.

Fascinating nature experiences presuppose that the beauty of nature is permanent. Please keep in mind to protect the environment. Do not damage plants and disturb any animals. Please leave any garbage. What you brought, you can just as well take back home or at least until the next bin. Mother Nature and subsequent canyoning fans will thank you.

Equipment – What You Need

A professional equipment protects completely. Mostly they can be rented at the tour operators. This includes:

  • Canyoning-compatible backpack
  • Helmet
  • Wetsuit and socks
  • Carabiner and rope for rappelling
  • Seatbelt for rappelling
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Waterproof box for first aid bag
  • Whistle, signal rocket, mobile

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