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Pump up the muscles! The best Exercises for sexy, toned arms

Posted by on Nov 9, 2016 in Muscle Building & Training | 0 comments

Show us your biceps! How about with you? Do you already have a pair of muscles or the following Exercises for the upper arms just for you? Problem zone arms: more and more women want muscular upper arms. No thick muscle, but a well-toned biceps, one sees the flexing of the arm. Who is not constantly carries heavy things, must something do. There are specific exercises for the upper arms! Decide for yourself whether you your arms only with your body weight want to train as a single resource, or whether their dumbbells, kettlebells or the Thera-Band take to help. Makes the following exercises for the upper arms at least three days per week. Pay attention when carrying out that the upper body remains straight and you undertake the exercises slowly and controlled. Exercises for the upper arms: without weights, belt or kettlebell Actually, the weight of your body enough to build a few muscles. There are plenty of exercises for the upper arms, which you can do at home without assistance. The classic are push ups or dips. Pushup for the biceps: Become into a push-Position: the hands are a little more than shoulder width supported on the floor at shoulder height, keeping them together with tiptoe the body. Pull your stomach in...

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For health reasons: 5 good reasons to take a nap on a regular basis

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Advice | 0 comments

Actually we do not need extra invitation for a short nap. But we feel a lot better when we know that the nap is really good for us! Now take a nap … Does familiar come to you after lunch? Many would prefer to lie down and close your eyes for a few minutes? Does that as often as possible! Napping is in fact really good for your health. Here are five reasons that you can list your boss: 1. Stress reduction Even through a few minutes of sleep stress reduces. You’re more relaxed after the nap and you feel great. Perfect, because too much stress can promote cardiovascular disease, increase blood pressure and it increases the risk even for the burnout syndrome. The want to be quite sure that no one – and when a little bit of sleep, in contrast, helps, why not? 2. Improved job performance After the nap you are raring to go. You are experiencing a lot of new energy, you can properly focus. This will give of great benefit. 3. Creative power The nap ensures that your new ideas overwhelm you. Studies based on brain scans have shown that you are more creative after the nap and the right hemisphere is working much better. 4. Improved memory If...

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10 commandments for a healthy lifestyle and a happy, long life

Posted by on Nov 5, 2016 in Advice | 0 comments

There are many tips for a healthy lifestyle. We made an easy conversion and tell you the 10 most important rules that will help you in your happy life. 1. Rule: You shall as often as possible to laugh heartily. Laughter makes you happy, relaxed and simply good for the soul. Laugh as much as possible! Release your inner child! 2. Rule: You must have time for yourself. Time think only of themselves, just do what you just really...

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The 2-day diet: Finally slim with the new miracle diet?

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016 in Diets | 0 comments

Sounds good! Stick to two days per week diet, eat the remaining five days normal and still lose weight. According to the study results, the 2-day diet is exactly what you want. We have looked at the matter more accurate. The study behind the 2-day diet The scientists from the University Hospital of Manchester, England, have compared three diet programs together. The first group fed on by a Mediterranean diet based on a caloric intake of 1,500 kcal per...

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Diet Trend Clean Eating: Freshly cooked rather than ready-made food

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in Diets | 0 comments

Fruit yoghurt without real fruit, orange juice with a little orange or a granola bar, especially from sugar – is doesn’t matter to us, we take anyway. Because it’s comfortable and taste the same. Until now, because of the diet trend “Clean Eating” says these highly processed foods in the fight! What is Clean Eating? Clean Eating is a trend in the US, which is dominated by the author Tosca Reno, who has published numerous recipe books on the...

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Slim, yet too fat? What “skinny fat” really means!

Posted by on Oct 30, 2016 in Nutrition & Health | 0 comments

Lean Model Kate Moss is too thick and flabby! This says in any case the British press and referred to them as “skinny fat”. But what does that actually mean? “Skinny Fat” – which translates as slim, but at the same time flabby and thick. It’s a bold statement about an obviously very slim model. However, since the British press has blasphemed about Kate Moss, speaks all over the world of “Skinny fat”. Some rightly say that it was...

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The Montignac diet

Posted by on Oct 28, 2016 in Diets | 0 comments

The Montignac diet is a part of the global Montignac Method, which found especially among businessmen a many followers. Because with the Montignac diet, it is possible to connect the weight loss with business. How does the Montignac diet works? According to the French experts, you gain weight not because you eat too much, but because certain foods combined with each other. Conclusion: Not less but better eating is a must! According Montignac it comes to weight gain because...

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